Otter 2.1 – has been released!

Provision your servers and manage configuration.

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Featured Guide: CI/CD for Infrastructure & Configuration Management with Otter + BuildMaster

Organizations of all sizes use CI/CD to get business ideas to the market faster than the competitors by delivering higher-quality software releases sooner. But what works great for application changes doesn’t work as well for infrastructure changes, and operations teams will often struggle to keep pace while maintaining compliance.

This guide will explore how to overcome these challenges and show you how to deliver infrastructure changes using CI/CD pipelines.

Otter 2.1

There’s minimal risk in upgrading. Check out the Otter 2.1 upgrade notes for more details.

Pipelines: now for infrastructure configuration

Pipeline rafts facilitate a promotion-based approach to infrastructure automation by associating specific configurations per environment, in addition to the traditional 1-1 relationship with a server or role, allowing configuration plans to be fully tested before running them against production servers.

Organize environment configuration by branch

Each pipeline raft environment can point to a different Git branch, allowing support for merges across environment-specific branches. Now, your infrastructure configuration across environments can be compared in exactly the same manner as code in two Git branches.

Develop with Git     Deploy with confidence

Because pipeline rafts support various formats beyond Git, you can develop infrastructure plans with Git, capture the configuration into an artifact, then deploy them alongside your applications using any CI/CD pipeline tool such as BuildMaster.

Check out the Otter Roadmap for past versions of Otter.