Otter 2.0 – has been released!

Provision your servers and manage configuration.

Download Otter 2.0

Otter 2.0 – The Next Generation

Upgrading? Despite the major version increase, there’s minimal risk in upgrading. Check out the Otter 2.0 upgrade notes for more details.

Configuration Versioning

Tracking down what changed on a server can be time consuming and tedious, especially when that change caused an outage. Otter 2.0’s plan versioning feature lets you see when server configuration changed, and allows you to rollback to a previous, working version of that configuration.

Plan versioning will make you more confident to make changes, and allow for clarity throughout your deployment process.

Expanded Package Metadata

Otter shows you which packages are installed on your servers, and 2.0 provides you with more metadata, including which tool it was installed by, where the package came from (a feed in ProGet), and which user triggered the installation.

Otter links directly to the installation log and the package source page, giving you quick access to more detailed information.

The Inedo SDK

The Inedo SDK not only lets you build one extension for multiple Inedo products, but also gives you access to cross-product extensions that Inedo, and the community have built, to integrate with popular third-party tools.

Check out the Otter Roadmap for past versions of Otter.