Otter 3.0 is in Beta!

Provision your servers and manage configuration

Download Otter 3.0

Otter 3.0 includes some major new features, such as new job templates and the ability to directly run PowerShell/Shell scripts. There were also so major platform changes that allow you to run Otter on a Linux server (via Docker) and listen for agent connections. And we redesigned the UI to make it even more user-friendly.

Get started through the Inedo Hub or Install via Docker:

If you’re upgrading, make sure to check out the Upgrade Notes for Otter 3.0.

New Job Templates

Otter 3.0 enhanced Job Templates feature empowers everyone on your team to run complex scripts by providing a customizable GUI for your script parameters that includes descriptions, help text, dropdown or checkbox inputs, and more.

Improved UX

Otter 3.0 has improved viewing and managing server roles and configuration.

Run Scripts Directly

With just the click of the “green play button”, you can now run the PowerShell or Shell scripts that you’ve uploaded to Otter 3.0 and/or have stored in your Git repository. And of course, you can still run these scripts using OtterScript as well.

Run on Linux/Docker

Otter 3.0 is also distributed as a Docker container, which gives you increased flexibility to install Otter on Windows (via the Inedo Hub) or Linux (via Docker).

Outbound (Pull) Agent

Otter can now be configured to “listen” for incoming agent connections, which gives you more flexibility in configuring your network and the servers that Otter will communicate with.

Job Templates
Improved UX