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Otter's orchestration jobs allow users to swiftly deploy changes to servers, both Linux and Windows, interact with cloud services, and provision virtual machines. Orchestration jobs run a specified orchestration plan against the targeted servers. They can be run immediately (for example, test servers in unexpected drift), at scheduled times in the future (planned changes to a production server), or on a recurring basis (adding more servers at known peak times). Orchestration jobs are created on the jobs page, and require the selection of an orchestration plan and servers for the desired plan to run against.

PowerShell is the standard for automating configuration on Windows servers, and Otter was designed to seamlessly integrate with it. You're able to save scripts as assets, and call them directly from within a plan. Whether that means running your existing scripts across dozens of servers, leveraging scripts built by the community, or anything else. This allows you to easily reuse scripts and store them in a safe and secure way. This tight integration allows you to leverage PowerShell DSC and utilize the Inedo visual editor from easy server configuring.

Otter is the only Infrastructure as Code tool designed with native Windows support. We built Otter using Windows-friendly technologies (.NET), and it doesn't need to go through layers of Ruby for core functionality. Otter's powerful execution engine won't lag under the extreme server configurations that Modern Infrastructure demands. Otter allows for infrastructure modeling on a grand scale with 1000's of servers, all while maintaining ease-of-use, down to changes for just a single server.

Managing Drift

When a server's actual configuration is different than the planned configuration, then it's considered in drift. Sometimes this is expected, because you changed the plan, and sometimes it's not: someone manually made a change on the server. Otter continuously monitors your servers for configuration drift and can either:

This option is configurable per server, and monitoring can be set at specific intervals, determined by your infrastructure priority. When only report drift is configured, you can schedule a configuration job to run immediately, or for some time in the future. You can even run a configuration job as a simulation, so that no changes are made to the drifted server, but a log is created with changes that would have been made. This is often a must-have for complex, or multi-role configurations to assist in testing.

Security and Compliance

Otter brings Infrastructure as Code to a wider audience because it was built with usability in mind. You can easily create, and simulate, complex configurations and orchestrations using the intuitive, drag-and-drop editor, and then switch to-and-from code/text mode as needed.

The visual, dynamic, and intuitive UI shows, at-a-glance, the configuration state of all your servers. Whether local, virtual, cloud-built, or spread throughout disparate global data centers, you can see what's most important to you.

In Otter, Jobs allow you to remediate configuration drift and run orchestration plans, either on-demand, at a scheduled time, or on a recurring basis. This helps ensure compliance standards are met by minimizing downtime and giving explicit control over when, where, and how your infrastructure changes occur. You can also choose to run a Job in simulation mode, which can help ensure future accuracy by finding any errors that might have occurred in a plan, without effecting current configurations. When a simulation is run, Otter still follows the logic you defined in your plan, and logs all of the things it's doing, and the changes that would have occurred if the job was running normally.

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