Key Features of Otter

Let everyone on your team run complex scripts with a custom GUI

Otter’s Job Templates makes it easy to run complex PowerShell and Shell scripts by defining script parameters that includes descriptions, help text, dropdown or checkbox inputs, and more.

Work with an ever-increasing number of servers with ease

Target your scripts to run across any number of servers, whether in parallel, sequentially, or anywhere in between, while restricting who can deploy to which environments, and when.

Develop advanced orchestrations without advanced code skills

With OtterScript’s back-and-forth Visual and Text modes, everyone can develop complex, multi-server orchestrations regardless of programming expertise

Detailed History & Extensive Logging

No more undocumented script executions or changes. Otter’s extensive logging keeps track of not just what changes were made, but who made them, and when.

Detect and Manage Configuration Drift

Define a Desired State of Configuration with OtterScript

Whether your servers require certain firewall configuration or need different IIS Application Pools, you can use Server Roles and OtterScript to define a desired state of configuration for your servers – no coding skills required!

Monitor and Verify Servers have required configuration

Otter continuously monitors your servers and reports when your servers unexpectedly drift from their desired configuration.

Automatically remediate configuration drift

Otter can automatically remediate configuration drift and bring servers to their desired state, either on-demand or immediately once drift is detected.

Simulate remediation to stop configuration mistakes before they happen

Simulate configuration and produce detailed logs of any scoped changes before modifying infrastructure. Maintain compliance by knowing exactly what will happen ahead of time.

Visibility across Servers

Web-based Dashboards and Reports

Your entire team can easily understand the state of your infrastructure with reports and detailed logs.

Access Only When Needed, Always Secure

Grant permission to any user or group to the exact server or infrastructure needed, while easily maintaining compliance and security on high value servers.

Easily Install and View Packages

The packages tab shows you exactly which packages are on your servers, whether installed by Otter or not.


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