Package your Applications and Components

Centralize and secure access to your organization's applications, components, and third-party packages and containers including NuGet, npm, PowerShell, Chocolatey, maven, Docker, and more.

Release and Deploy
your Applications Reliably

Start simple, then scale to thousands of servers and the cloud. Release your software with confidence, and at the pace your business demands.

Provision your Servers
and Manage Configuration

Define reusable server roles to provision servers, eliminate configuration drift, deploy packages, or instantly scale infrastructure from either the web-based dashboard or directly from Git.

The entire Inedo product suite has security and compliance requirements built in. Scan your packages for vulnerabilities in ProGet, and ensure issues are resolved before deployment with Hedgehog. Your servers will remain in a compliant state with enforced configuration with Otter.

The Inedo product suite is built from common code, with its background being from our traditional ARA platform, BuildMaster. We've taken the years of experience, the knowledge from hundreds of success stories, and applied it to the creation of our entire product suite.

Although our toolchain and other product offerings were designed for Enterprises, they remain popular among start-ups and small businesses. The intuitive nature of our products makes implementation easy for companies of varying sizes, and doesn't require training to get up and running.

The Inedo Den

Explore, create, share, and find Inedo supported or community items to complete or connect the links of your DevOps toolchain.