ProGet 4.7 has been released!

Note: This is not the latest version of ProGet.

ProGet is a Universal Package Manager that lets you host and manage not only your in-house packages, but also an ever growing list of external repositories including PowerShell, Bower, RubyGems, NuGet, Docker, and many more! It was designed from the ground-up to be fast and easy to use, for both personal, and enterprise use.

Upgrading? Make sure to check out the Upgrade Notes for ProGet 4.7

Introducing License Filtering

ProGet Enterprise, Basic, and Load-Balanced now support License Filtering. License filtering is important for compliance, and allows organizations to block the download of unacceptable licenses. Thus protecting personnel from developing with unapproved licenses, and violating copy rights, rights of use, or conditions.

License filtering is also especially useful for organizations whose separately functioning business units both use the same instance of ProGet, with separate feeds, but one has more stringent licensing guidelines.

License Filtering works by comparing a table of known licenses, against the license field of a package's metadata, and if a user has permission, they can choose to either allow or block the download.

For an in-depth explanation, check out the License Filtering documentation.

Introducing support for Visual Studio Extensions

After many requests, we've added support for Visual Studio Extensions (.vsix). ProGet now acts as a private repository for storing all your extensions. To learn more, visit our documentation here.

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