Note: This is not the latest version of ProGet.

ProGet 5.0 – has been released!

Package your Applications and Components

Download ProGet 5.0

Upgrading? Despite the major version increase, there’s minimal risk in upgrading. Check out the ProGet 5.0 Upgrade Notes for more details.

Notify and Automate with Webhooks

Webhooks let you connect ProGet with other services to notify users, trigger automated workflows, or audit certain events. You could:

  • Send an instant message when a package is added to a feed
  • Log a message in a third-party auditing tool when a package is deployed

Check out the Webhooks documentation to learn more.

Browse and Download Files within a Package

We’ve added a Files tab that will allow you to see a package’s contents without needing to download it. This can help you quickly verify that a package you’ve uploaded is correct, or help with troubleshooting missing files when a packages is installed.

You can also download individual files from the web or using the Universal feed API.

SemVer 2.0 Support for NuGet Feeds

NuGet feeds in ProGet now support SemVer 2.0 rules, which means you can now use pre-release numbers with dot notation, as in 1.0.1-build.23.

Migrating your existing NuGet feeds is easy; check out the Legacy (Quirks) Feeds documentation for more information.

Note: This is not the latest version of ProGet.

ProGet v5 Roadmap

ProGet 5.1       ProGet 5.0

Check out the ProGet Roadmap for past versions of ProGet.