ProGet v6 is now recommended for new installs!

Try out ProGet 6.0 Today

Although v6 is still in prerelease, we are currently using it on our public production instance and recommend using it on new installations.

Explore today with the Inedo Hub or Install via Docker.

If you’re upgrading, make sure to check out the Upgrade Notes for ProGet 6.0.

ProGet v6 is a Low-risk Upgrade

As far as major updates go, ProGet v6 is low risk. Just about everything is additive. If there are any problems, you’ll be able to rollback to v5 without restoring your database or package stores.

Major Asset Directory Improvements

ProGet’s Asset Directories are a convenient place to store files like third-party installers, certificates, license keys, etc., and tend to be easier than the alternatives…especially for scripts and automation.

  • Share drives don’t scale very well, nor easily work with the web
  • Sharepoint/OneDrive is more suited for Excel and Word documents
  • Cloud (S3, Blob) storage is usually overkill and complicated

With v6, we’ll be adding some new features to Asset Directories that can enable all sorts of new use cases:

  • Asset Directory Replication
  • Custom Client-side Caching
  • Set Custom Metadata/Headers
  • Configure cloud-based storage
  • Asset versioning/history

Improved Self-service & End-User Experience

We’re also adding a handful of features in ProGet v6 that will help ProGet administrators create a better experience for ProGet users, and hopefully save everyone time and headaches.

  • Feed Groups
  • Customizable Feed/Package Usage Instructions;
  • Personal (User) API Keys

User-selectable Dark Mode!

Like with our other products, ProGet v6 will have Dark Mode! This was a high-requested feature.

Dark Mode