ProGet v6 is now available!

Upgrade to ProGet 6.0 Today

Explore today with the Inedo Hub or Install via Docker.

If you’re upgrading, make sure to check out the Upgrade Notes for ProGet 6.0.

ProGet v6 is a Low-risk Upgrade

As far as major updates go, ProGet v6 is low risk. Just about everything is additive. If there are any problems, you’ll be able to rollback to v5 without restoring your database or package stores.

Major Asset Directory Improvements

We’ve made some major changes to Asset Directories to give you more flexibility and options for storing arbitrary files like third-party installers, certificates, license keys.

  • Asset Directory Replication
  • Custom Client-side Caching
  • Set Custom Metadata/Headers
  • Configure cloud-based storage
  • Import from Cloud
  • Asset versioning/history

Simplified API Key Management

To help you manage how users and tools access ProGet, we’ve simplified API keys by adding three different types of keys (System, Feed, and Personal).

Users can manage their own Personal API keys, which can make life easier for everyone.

API Key Example

Automatically Assess Vulnerabilities

ProGet can now automatically assess new vulnerabilities based on a vulnerability’s CVE Score. You can configure this by simply creating or editing the auto-assessment range on an assessment type.

Lots of End-User Experience Improvements

Dark Mode allows ProGet users to select a dark theme.

Feed Groups will simplify permissions across feeds and allow teams to create their own feeds within a feed group.

Feed Usage Instructions and Package Usage Instructions lets you customize the installation and usage instructions that ProGet shows in the UI. This makes it easier for everyone to use feeds and packages within your organization.

Dark Mode