Automatic Failover

ProGet Enterprise is a High Availability instance that provides Automatic Failover through its multi-node configuration structure. Ensuring a reliable and compliant universal package manager, even during heavy load times. ProGet's multi-node structure maintains functionality, and preserves productivity, while always keeping enterprise level performance standards high.

The ProGet Enterprise, High Availability instance, requires these 5 main components:

Central Repository

ProGet supports not only in-house packages, but a growing list of external repositories including NuGet, npm, Bower, Maven, RubyGem, Docker, PowerShell, and more! ProGet serves as your organization's central repository, allowing you to store all your important assets in one convenient place, with security in mind. Through local caching, you can ensure access to your vital software development components even during times of external outages.

Manage your applications as simply as you develop them with ProGet's Universal Feeds. The Universal Feed type gives you the same value and control as package managers, but was designed specifically for your application, allowing you to leverage ProGet as the central hub for all of your essential components. Universal Packages already support most of the metadata that most organizations need for application packaging, but they allow you to add as much additional metadata as needed.


ProGet supports Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob storage, providing your organizations with major benefits, including endless scalability and easy disaster recovery. Take the guess work out of your future storage needs by utilizing cloud storage; you no longer have to worry about maintaining, installing, or provisioning additional storage capacity.

ProGet is a critical stepping stone in building more reliable software and adopting DevOps best practices. It easily integrates with your favorite continuous integration and vulnerability scanning tools, to provide a seamless bond to your existing development process. Using ProGet gives you the visibility and usability needed to scale your DevOps Toolchain across all teams, allowing you to build the perfect toolchain for your entire organization.

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Featured Case Study: ProGet Enabled ABANCA to comply with European Union mandate months before deadline.

The DevOps Toolchain

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