Getting Started on Windows

ProGet will install on any supported version of Windows; simply click through the Hub installer to get ProGet up and running in minutes. During installation, select the edition you wish to install (Enterprise or free) or enter an existing license key.

For more information, visit the Inedo Hub Installation Guide.

You can also install ProGet on AWS Lightsail using a PowerShell script to automate the process.

Offline & Manual Installation (Traditional Installer)

For environments that do not support installation via the Inedo Hub (such as offline servers), you may download the traditional installer from the Inedo Product Downloads page.
The installation guide for the traditional installer can be found here: ProGet Traditional Installation Guide.

Upgrading ProGet

You can upgrade ProGet from any previous version of ProGet. Just run an existing Inedo Hub Desktop installation or download the latest traditional installer. ProGet 5.3 is fully released! Read more about the newest features (like advanced Docker support including vulnerability scanning with Clair), and see the upgrade notes here.

Edition Comparison (Free vs Basic vs Enterprise)

Learn more about ProGet Enterprise, or review the Features by Edition to learn about the differences. You can also get a 30-day free trial of ProGet Basic through MyInedo.

Looking to Buy?

To order online with a credit card, go through MyInedo. For other methods of payment, such as a check or wire transfer, use the quote request form.

What’s Next for ProGet

Check out our Product Roadmap to see where it all started, and where we want to take ProGet in the future.