ProGet Free has no user limit and includes all the same feed types as ProGet Enterprise.

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Edition Comparison (Free vs Basic vs Enterprise)

Learn more about ProGet Enterprise, or review the Features by Edition to learn about the differences. You can also get a 30-day free trial of ProGet Basic through MyInedo.

Support and Maintenance

ProGet licenses included access to our support engineers through tickets and our community forums. In addition to ProGet technical support, we can provide help debugging automation challenges and offer generalized DevOps advice from our years of experience.

Support for previous versions and upgrades to newer versions are also included.

Licensing Terms

ProGet is licensed annually per the ProGet End-User Licensing Agreement on a per-server basis; this license includes support and maintenance.

Purchasing ProGet

All Inedo purchases begin in the MyInedo portal. Below are answers to some frequently asked about purchases.

Are payments recurring?

No. We do not do recurring payments. Instead, we reach out by email before the subscription term ends with a quote to renew for the following year.

What payment methods are accepted?

Inedo accepts credit card, wire transfer, and ACH payments.

Wire transfers and ACH will require a Purchase Order (PO), which requires a quote. Email our Licensing Specialist, Adam or you can use the quote request form to get a quote with the information needed for you to create your PO. Once you send us your PO, you’ll receive an invoice with the PO number referenced and including your license key(s). We offer Net 30 payment on POs, giving you 30 days from receipt of PO and receipt of license keys to complete your payment in full.

To purchase with a credit card, log into your MyInedo portal, then follow these steps:
  1. Click “Purchase License”
  2. Select the product you wish to purchase and the number of instances (for ProGet), users, or servers.
  3. Click “Submit Payment”
    -This generates an invoice number and an amount to charge.
    -This is a one-time, non-recurring payment.
  4. Click “Enter Payment Details”
  5. Submit your credit card information
    -For your safety and security, Inedo uses the payment portal Stripe and keeps no credit card information for our customers.
    -Any payment issues must be handled through Stripe support; Inedo is not able to assist with payment issues through Stripe.
  6. After sumitting, a payment success message will display on your screen, and you’ll also receive an email from Stripe.
  1. Contact Licensing Specialist Adam Thiel to request a quote so you can receive a Purchase Order (PO).
    -Your quote request will be acknowledged within one business day.
  2. Send your PO back to Adam.
    -The PO will be acknowledged within two business days.
    -Inedo requires a unique PO number on your company’s letterhead.
  3. If there are no issues with the PO, you’ll recieve an invoice with your license key(s).
  4. Send your payment via wire or mail.
    -We allow Net 30 payments with POs.
  5. After sumitting, a payment success message will display on your screen, and you’ll also receive an email from Stripe.

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