ProGet Downloads & Release Notes

We like to ship new versions of ProGet fairly often, both to fix bugs/annoyances and to introduce new functionality. However, just because there's a new version available, that doesn't mean you need to install it.

To see what's coming next, take a look at our ProGet Roadmap.

ProGet 5.1 - Beta







ProGet 5.0 - Fully Supported


  • PG-1293 - Change user caching so that any non-built-in directory user is cached regardless of whether Integrated Windows Authentication is enabled or not
  • PG-1292 - FIX: ruby, visx, Maven feeds do not record package deployments
  • PG-1291 - FIX: Connector packages are reordered when searching NPM feeds.
  • PG-1290 - FIX: NuGet packages may have an incorrect IsLatestVersion property on feeds with connectors.
  • PG-1289 - FIX: npm feeds do not record package deployments
  • PG-1288 - FIX: NuGet packages cannot be downloaded using a SemVer2 version number that includes build metadata
  • PG-1287 - FIX: Symbol server endpoints ignore feed-scoped privileges for corresponding NuGet feeds
  • PG-1286 - FIX: NPM packages may have no version tagged "latest".
  • PG-1285 - FIX: NuGet feeds show SemVer2 build metadata (text after +) in package display names
  • PG-1284 - Support package-ids endpoint in NuGet feeds
  • PG-1283 - FIX: Cannot delete semver2-compatible NuGet feed if there are symbols indexed
  • PG-1282 - Display a message on the Feed Replication page if trying to configure it when it is not supported by the current license key
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1261 - FIX: feed replication fails to download packages smaller than 50 megabytes
  • PG-1260 - FIX (regression): Docker feed error when browsing packages through the web interface
  • PG-1259 - FIX: Docker connectors do not authenticate properly
  • PG-1258 - FIX: Universal feeds with connectors cannot be searched by group
  • PG-1257 - FIX: Docker connectors not handled in Connector.GetConnector
  • PG-1255 - Increased group length from 50 to 250 on Universal Packages
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1253 - FIX: Integrated authentication warning is always displayed on IIS when integrated authentication is disabled
  • PG-1252 - FIX: NuGet connectors read metadata in a case-sensitive manner in some cases
  • PG-1251 - FIX: long version numbers in the sidebar overlap the main content of the package version page
  • PG-1250 - FIX: Package version page is inaccessible to administrators if the package license URL is an empty string.
  • PG-1249 - Improve NuGet error messages
  • PG-1243 - Improve pending execution message
  • PG-1242 - Improve messaging, navigation for service status page
  • PG-1228 - FIX: upack "packages" endpoint does not filter by group if no package name is given
  • PG-1226 - Add npm unpublish API endpoint
  • PG-1254 - Add Support for using api keys as npm authentication tokens
  • PG-1248 - Rename "Message Center" to "Diagnostic Center" and allow the log message verbosity to be configured on that page
  • PG-1247 - FIX: Feed endpoint 400s and 404s should be logged at debug level instead of error to prevent filling the diagnostic center
  • PG-1244 - Display SHA1 package hashes if available
  • PG-1240 - Display additional metadata on universal packages
  • PG-1238 - Use chunking for very large packages during feed sync operations
  • PG-1237 - FIX: Feed replication should not buffer entire request and response streams for packages
  • PG-1236 - FIX: Only one feed replication job per feed should be allowed to run at a time (v5 only)
  • PG-1232 - FIX: Feed replication may timeout with large packages
  • PG-1231 - FIX: Errors encountered while deleting NuGet packages from the UI are not shown
  • PG-1230 - FIX: (Linux only) Database error when creating or editing a variable
  • PG-1229 - FIX: integrated authentication warning appears when not using IIS
  • PG-1227 - FIX: Legacy LDAP User Directory Doesn't Show Default Values
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1225 - FIX: Maven filename incorrectly constructed when requesting an artifact with a version ending in -SNAPSHOT
  • PG-1224 - Sort non-canonical Maven version numbers by parts
  • PG-1223 - FIX: NuGet web UI uses full version number instead of only the unique part for SemVer2 feeds
  • PG-1222 - FIX: double clicking on a folder in the package contents view attempts to preview it as a file
  • PG-1221 - Hyperlink URLs in Promotion Notes
  • PG-1220 - FIX: Docker feed API URL in feed browsing page does not include feed name
  • PG-1219 - FIX: Docker URLs missing feed names do not give helpful errors
  • PG-1218 - FIX: Global license rules can override feed-specific license rules
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1217 - FIX: Auto-generated API Keys are not always URL-safe
  • PG-1215 - Log 400/403 messages in the error logs on feeds
  • PG-1213 - Add option to strip source files on NuGet feeds
  • PG-1212 - FIX: (Linux only) Service sends null username to database instead of "UNKNOWN"
  • PG-1211 - Accept ProGet API keys with the feed API enabled as NuGet API keys
  • PG-1210 - FIX: (Linux only) database error when creating a user directory
  • PG-1209 - FIX: (Linux only) exception when viewing execution logs
  • PG-1054 - Support for portable PDB files
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1208 - FIX: Retention policies not working for semver2-compatible NuGet feeds
  • PG-1207 - FIX: Uninstaller may close unexpectedly instead of removing ProGet
  • PG-1206 - FIX: Anonymous users unable to push NuGet packages to a feed even if they have permission [5.0.7 regression]
  • PG-1205 - Update InedoLib to v522 (Fix for failing PersistFromAttribute)
  • PG-1204 - FIX: Deleting a feed can fail due to scheduled task execution logs
  • PG-1203 - FIX: NuGet feed migration fails if a package is missing checksums
  • PG-1200 - Feature: Unlist All Versions of a Package
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1202 - FIX: Docker Registries May Yield Server 500 Errors on Push/Pull
  • PG-1201 - FIX: NuGet packages do not update their latest version number if they have no stable versions
  • PG-1198 - FIX: ProGet ignores request credentials for NuGet when Integrated Authentication is not enabled
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1195 - FIX: (5.0 only) NuGet V2 feeds do not index symbols
  • PG-1197 - FIX: HTTP 500 when performing NuGet odata requests with explicit version comparisons in the filter string [v5 regression]
  • PG-1196 - FIX: On Assets Overview Page, attempting to edit an asset directory results in an "Unknown feed type" error
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1190 - Installer: Change Default Web Site Port to 8624, SQL Express Instance to "INEDO"
  • PG-1189 - FIX: Create feed from UI creates a Bower feed by default even though the default appears to be NuGet [v5.0.4 regression only]
  • PG-1188 - Retention rule UX
  • PG-1187 - Docker Registry UX Tweaks
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1186 - FIX: NuGet packages can be overwritten in semver2-compatible feeds even without the Feeds_OverwritePackage privilege
  • PG-1185 - FIX: NuGet feed replication fails downloading package from semver2-compatible NuGet feeds
  • PG-1184 - Create Feed Page UX Tweaks
  • PG-1183 - License Management UX Tweaks
  • PG-1182 - FIX: Docker repositories shouldn't show up in "Feeds" on home page
  • PG-1181 - Asset Directory UX Tweaks
  • PG-1180 - Do not display license filters or vulnerability sources for universal feeds
  • PG-1179 - FIX: Asset Directories and Docker Registries can be created with invalid names
  • PG-1178 - Include NuGet API Key Only on Legacy (Quirk) Feed Types
  • PG-1177 - FIX: accessing a Maven directory gives an unhelpful error message
  • PG-1176 - FIX: Docker images in Latest Local Packages on the dashboard have incorrect links
  • PG-1174 - Refresh built-in security tasks to default values
  • PG-1118 - FIX: Advanced Settings Page Susceptible to CSRF using maliciously-crafted HTML
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1171 - InedoLib: Upgrade to 517
  • PG-1169 - FIX: (beta only) NuGet feed management page shows symbol server as disabled regardless of settings
  • PG-1168 - FIX: Maven connectors incorrectly handle snapshot versions
  • PG-1167 - FIX: Time zone in X-ProGet-Deployment-Date header is ignored and always treated as if it was local time
  • PG-1166 - FIX: On Manage NuGet feed page, the "symbol server" property always says "disabled" regardless if the symbol server is enabled
  • PG-1165 - FIX: (Linux only) Some procedures contain unquoted argument names.
  • PG-1164 - FIX: (5.0 Beta, Linux only) NuGetPackagesV2_GetLatestStable incorrectly converted to PostgreSQL
  • PG-1163 - Add "sha1" property to upack feed API versions endpoint
  • PG-1157 - Make API request logging configurable
  • PG-1137 - Move app settings out of Web.config and App.config
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1161 - Only allow "url friendly" feeds to be created from UI
  • PG-1159 - FIX: Maven packages from multiple sources are not merged when searching
  • PG-1160 - Show package authors for NuGet packages on package details page
  • PG-1154 - FIX: Postgres exception when saving feed info
  • PG-1153 - FIX: Attempting to delete a NuGet package in a feed from the UI fails
  • PG-1146 - FIX: NuGet connectors containing packages with invalid version numbers cause FindPackagesById() requests to return no results
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1150 - FIX: NuGet feeds do not automatically cache packages when promoting from a connector
  • PG-1151 - FIX: Unable to save connector cache settings (Postgres only)
  • PG-1149 - FIX: Asset file upload fails on Linux
  • PG-1148 - FIX: Error uploading package with noncompliant semver2 version for new NuGet feeds
  • PG-1147 - FIX: scoped NPM packages (@scope/name) are presented without scope in some cases
  • PG-1145 - NuGet feeds using old versioning scheme should show "(quirks)" after display name on feeds overview page
  • PG-1144 - FIX: NuGet semver2 feed packages not being included in feed sync data
  • PG-1143 - FIX: Semver2-compatible NuGet feed packages not included in dashboard views
  • PG-1142 - FIX: ChunkedUploads_* SQL functions missing on Linux
  • PG-1140 - Add migration for NuGet feeds to new semver2-compatible feed
  • PG-1135 - FIX: incorrect logic when deciding which maven snapshot was the latest
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1139 - FIX: Universal feed zip file uploads from the API result in an empty package
  • PG-1135 - FIX: incorrect logic when deciding which maven snapshot was the latest
  • PG-1133 - FIX: Maven packages never return 404 Not Found if a connector is defined for the feed
  • PG-1090 - Add option to delete all packages/assets from package store when deleting a feed or asset directory
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install

ProGet 4.8 - Fully Supported


  • PG-1239 - Use chunking for very large packages during feed sync operations (v4)
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1233 - FIX: Feed replication may timeout with large packages (4.8 only)
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1199 - FIX: ProGet ignores request credentials for NuGet when Integrated Authentication is not enabled (backport from v5)
  • PG-1155 - FIX: Backport v5.0.1 fix PG-1135 for Maven feeds into v4.8.9
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1158 - FIX: Docker image blob uploads can fail if a blob chunk is exactly 0-bytes
  • PG-1156 - INEDOLIB: Upgrade from v510 to v514
  • PG-1155 - FIX: Backport v5.0.1 fix PG-1135 for Maven feeds into v4.8.9
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1138 - FIX: Error when requesting maven-metadata.xml for a snapshot version that does not follow the Maven version numbering guidelines
  • PG-1139 - FIX: Universal feed zip file uploads from the API result in an empty package
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1132 - FIX: NuGet packageid:Foo searches return all local packages
  • PG-1131 - FIX: Maven feeds ignore Feeds_OverwritePackage when uploading files
  • PG-1130 - FIX: tgz files exported by ProGet have permissions set to 000 for all files and directories
  • PG-1129 - FIX: Requesting maven-metadata.xml of a snapshot version of a nonexistent package returns 500 instead of 404
  • PG-1128 - FIX: Asset feed export fails if the format is zip
  • PG-1127 - FIX: Asset feed export fails if the archive includes subdirectories
  • PG-1126 - Allow package uploads to exceed maxAllowedContentLength bytes
  • PG-1125 - FIX: Scoped NPM packages are not deleted by retention rules
  • PG-1122 - FIX: Ruby Gems feeds do not check overwrite permissions
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1124 - Universal package descriptions on Browse Feed Page should be rendered as markdown
  • PG-1123 - Universal packages with group names should be identified in the UI as separated by a forward slash instead of a colon
  • PG-1121 - FIX: Integrated authentication to connected NuGet feeds should also allow supplied user name and password instead of depending on service user
  • PG-1120 - (Linux only) FIX: Cannot add items to asset feeds
  • PG-1119 - FIX: upack endpoint incorrectly handles dependencies when passed in the query string
  • PG-1117 - FIX: Maven metadata for snapshots is missing in some cases
  • PG-1115 - FIX: Package vulnerabilities are not displayed if they do not block package downloads
  • PG-1116 - FIX: Delete button is hidden on indexing servers page
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1113 - FIX: Remove DisableConsistencyCheck from all-settings.
  • PG-1112 - FIX: Ruby Gems feed endpoint gives blank authorization header
  • PG-1111 - FIX: Ruby Gems feed search encounters SQL error on Linux
  • PG-1110 - FIX: maven-metadata.xml for snapshots lacks specific file information
  • PG-1109 - FIX: Use for default Bower connector URL
  • PG-1106 - FIX: Update cURL instructions for "Add Package/Asset" page in upack feeds and asset directories
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1105 - FIX: Possible invalid path exception uploading asset using default file name
  • PG-1104 - Increase clarity of asset upload path for "Upload Asset via API" page
  • PG-1103 - FIX: Uploading an asset file from the Upload File page can fail with null reference exception
  • PG-1100 - FIX: Asset content path displayed in "Upload via API page" is missing a /
  • PG-1102 - FIX: Maven feeds endpoints return 500 instead of 404 when accessing an invalid URL.
  • PG-1101 - FIX: (Linux only) SQL error when creating a Ruby Gem or a feed package access rule
  • PG-1099 - FIX: Package downloads from Maven connectors do not pass credentials
  • PG-1098 - FIX: Remote Maven packages cannot be accessed through the web interface
  • PG-1097 - FIX: Maven connectors are not searchable
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1096 - FIX: Asset feed Add page does not honor specific feed-scoped privilege making it too restrictive
  • PG-1091 - FIX: Universal connector is not checked if a local version of the package exists
  • PG-1083 - Add warning when InedoCore Extension is not loaded
  • PG-1089 - Support for upack "download-file" API endpoint
  • PG-1088 - FIX: Postgres SQL scripts generate syntax error when installing ProGet via Docker
  • PG-1087 - FIX: Maven connectors do not send authentication credentials when building the index
  • PG-1086 - FIX: Ruby Gems connector errors prevent local packages from being shown
  • PG-1082 - FIX: Connector cache cannot be cleared for some feed types
  • PG-1077 - FIX: Asset feeds return an error instead of redirecting when accessed via /feeds/[name]
  • PG-1076 - FIX: VSIX connectors insert "atom.xml" into URLs that end with a slash.
  • PG-1075 - FIX: NuGet API returns incorrectly encoded spaces in feed name
  • PG-1074 - FIX: Promoting a remote package results in a "not found" error unless the package is already cached
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1085 - FIX: Docker image verification fail when pushing image [regression]
  • PG-1081 - FIX: Interacting with a Maven feed with an unindexed connector results in error messages
  • PG-1084 - FIX: Extensions with subfolders are unpacked at every startup
  • PG-1080 - FIX: NullReferenceException when downloading a Maven package that does not exist
  • PG-1071 - FIX: Manage feed page does not allow drop path to be specified for VSIX feeds
  • PG-1064 - FIX: Cannot set block rule for unknown licenses back to "inherit" for a feed
  • PG-1061 - FIX: Deleting a maven artifact deletes all versions of the artifact
  • PG-1059 - FIX: Docker feeds cannot be accessed by anonymous users even if permissions are granted
  • PG-1058 - FIX: Vulnerabilities and Promotions may not be properly license-restricted
  • PG-1057 - Searching Maven connectors that have not yet been indexed return no results instead of throwing an exception
  • PG-1053 - FIX: License key activation may happen after requests fail
  • PG-1052 - Update upack command line syntax in examples
  • PG-1051 - FIX: (Linux only) Some redirects result in blank pages
  • PG-1050 - FIX: (Linux only) package download fails with "40P01: deadlock detected"
  • PG-1049 - Add EnumerateDependents permission to INEDOPROGETSVC
  • PG-1048 - FIX: Extensions overview page error when an extension failed to load
  • PG-1047 - FIX: Dashboard shows total download count across all npm feeds for each npm feed
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1079 - Add link to actual package license URL on package details page
  • PG-1078 - FIX: Manage, Add, and Delete buttons are always displayed on feed and package overview pages
  • PG-1072 - Promoting a package now updates its publish date
  • PG-1062 - FIX: Hide Manage Feed and Add Package buttons on view feed page if the user is logged in but denied those respective privileges
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1063 - New Feature: Asset Directories
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install

ProGet 4.7 - Fully Supported


  • PG-1060 - FIX: Detect potentially dangerous package IDs when adding a new package
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1045 - Detect WebDAV and Issue Warning in UI
  • PG-1044 - FIX: RubyGems packages with no platform-independent version generate incorrect links from the package list
  • PG-1043 - FIX: RubyGems feeds incorrectly handle base64-encoded binary metadata
  • PG-1041 - FIX: Web interface does not filter NPM feeds by search terms
  • PG-1040 - FIX: Package IDs containing spaces result in inaccessible package pages
  • PG-1039 - Add support for NPM authentication on multi-domain user directories
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1033 - Improved performance of Event Log
  • PG-1032 - FIX: Universal feed uploads are attributed to SYSTEM in the event log
  • PG-1036 - FIX: Crash when uploading a package to a Maven feed
  • PG-1035 - FIX: Maven clients cannot upload to feeds requiring authentication
  • PG-1034 - FIX: Maven feeds do not require authentication for read access
  • PG-1031 - FIX: Package details page does not load for Maven artifacts accessed via connector
  • PG-1030 - FIX: Docker FeedCleanup task corrupts images with version 2 manifests
  • PG-1029 - FIX: Downloading npm package responds with "Can not add property versions to Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject"
  • PG-1028 - FIX: Feed Cleanup task for Universal Feeds should never update package modified date
  • PG-1025 - FIX: Extensions are not always loaded by ProGet.Service.exe
  • PG-1027 - FIX: (Linux only) Requests are silently discarded when the path contains a colon or an asterisk
  • PG-1026 - Implement tags/list API for Docker feeds
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1024 - FIX: Docker API endpoint URL is displayed incorrectly
  • PG-1023 - Remove UA string requirement for Docker API
  • PG-1022 - FIX: Maven feed endpoint URL is displayed incorrectly
  • PG-1020 - Improve handling of build metadata for upack versions
  • PG-1019 - FIX: npm connectors fail to synchronize if the package modification time is missing
  • PG-1018 - FIX: Exception thrown after upack download if Record Package Deployments is enabled
  • PG-1017 - Connectors overview page is no longer accessible to users with no permissions
  • PG-1016 - FIX: Universal feeds do not display the option to set the drop path
  • PG-1015 - FIX: NormalizedVersion cannot be used in NuGet queries
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1014 - FIX: npm package bulk import may cause service crash
  • PG-1013 - Support for NPM connectors that don't provide the search API
  • PG-1012 - Support for NPM feeds that authenticate via email address
  • PG-1005 - Error installing SQL Express on 32-bit versions of Windows
  • PG-1004 - Installer does not always detect presence of IIS
  • PG-1011 - FIX: Download_Count column is not getting incremented when a Docker image is requested
  • PG-1010 - Add support for Windows images in Docker feeds
  • PG-1009 - Add resetadminpassword command to ProGet.Service.exe
  • PG-1008 - FIX: Assigning licenses to a package incorrectly validates URLs
  • PG-1007 - FIX: npm packages sometimes use outdated license information
  • PG-1006 - FIX: Feeds_SetLastSyncDate fails on Linux
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-1002 - Installer should use a more recent version of SQL Express
  • PG-1003 - Silent install should not default to installing SQL Express
  • PG-1001 - Implement _catalog Docker endpoint
  • PG-1000 - Latest version URL for browsing universal feeds does not work
Downloads: , Full Installer , Small Installer (without SQL Express) , Manual Install


  • PG-768 - FIX: Metadata caching options are ignored when creating a new connector
  • PG-767 - Use new npm search API and deprecate npm connector indexing
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-766 - Optional connector metadata cache to improve connector query performance
  • PG-765 - FIX: npm /-/all should not assume client can handle gzip compressed responses
  • PG-764 - Add ability to edit/set tags in the UI for npm packages
  • PG-763 - Improve support for URL encoded NPM package names
  • PG-762 - FIX: npm packages installed via a drop path are not tagged as latest
  • PG-761 - FIX: Docker feeds compute digests incorrectly for signed images
  • PG-760 - Include cached packages in vulnerability reports
  • PG-758 - FIX: Maven feeds require artifact filenames to be artifactId-version
  • PG-759 - FIX: Add Package button is visible even when no feeds are defined
  • PG-757 - FIX: Feeds_SetFeedProperty has wrong argument name (Linux only)
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-756 - FIX: Feed-level unknown license package block rule is not respected on NuGet feeds
  • PG-755 - FIX: Bower package details page is blank for some packages [regression]
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-754 - FIX: Performance degradation due to underspecified query in NuGetFeeds_IncrementDownloadCount
  • PG-752 - FIX: Possible exception viewing docker repository details page
  • PG-751 - FIX: Feed API endpoint URL is incorrect on feed list page for some feed types
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-750 - Do not filter NuGet searches by targetFramework
  • PG-749 - FIX: npm dist-tag rm handler should return HTTP 200
  • PG-747 - Remove www. prefix from license urls when they are added
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-748 - Add DisableConsistencyCheck advanced setting
  • PG-746 - FIX: Viewing package versions with no license information generates an unhelpful error message
  • PG-745 - Support for PUT/POST of .vsix extensions
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-744 - FIX: HTML is incorrectly double-escaped for vulnerability details
  • PG-743 - FIX: Replication failure on linux with Feeds_SetLastSyncDate exception
  • PG-742 - FIX: Invalid object name 'FeedLicenseUrls' When deleting a feed
  • PG-741 - FIX: NuGet searches for multiple targetFrameworks can omit results that should be included
  • PG-740 - FIX: Ruby gem version page does not display correct publish date
  • PG-739 - FIX: Feed-level license rules should require Feeds_ManageFeed to edit and all others should require Admin_ConfigureProGet
  • PG-736 - FIX: Edit license dialog is sized incorrectly
  • PG-737 - FIX: Exception deleting global license definition
  • PG-738 - FIX: License filtering is not applied to npm packages that specify an array of license objects
  • PG-735 - Increase visibility of indicator on package page when a package is blocked
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-734 - FIX: Exception on package details page when viewing npm package with a complex license object
  • PG-733 - FIX: License filtering is overly restrictive for some identified but unclassifed licenses
  • PG-699 - FIX: Version Range on Vulnerabilities includes too many versions
  • PG-705 - FIX: Vulnerability package version ranges with a minimum version are not parsed correctly
  • PG-719 - Add minimal formatting to vulnerability descriptions
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-721 - FIX: Handle netstandard/netcoreapp/xamarin compatibility for NuGet feeds
  • PG-723 - Add "aspnet:UseLegacyRequestUrlGeneration" to fix npm compatibility issues for some environments
  • PG-728 - FIX: JSON API does not property read POSTed arguments with content-type mismatch
  • PG-730 - VSIX feed type
  • PG-731 - Package license filtering
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install

ProGet 4.6 - Fully Supported


  • PG-718 - FIX: npm vulnerability info sync may cause parsing error
  • PG-717 - FIX: NuGet packages targeting NETStandard or NETCoreApp are not always returned in queries
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-707 - Improve log deletion performance
  • PG-708 - Do not log errors to the ProGet error log if the NuGet client attempts to download a package that does not exist in a particular feed since it may be configured to pull from multiple
  • PG-709 - Clarify message on delete feed dialog about local packages not being deleted on disk
  • PG-713 - Provide alternate instructions for npm scoped packages
  • PG-715 - FIX: Some NuGet clients cause "Cannot Access Disposed Object" events to be logged
  • PG-706 - FIX: Friendly error pages are not displayed in some environments instead of IIS error page
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-704 - FIX: Vulnerability versions can display as "invalid" if there are multiple versions without any ranges
  • PG-702 - FIX: By default, only warnings or errors should be logged
  • PG-703 - FIX: Connector sort order should match initial sort ordering after adding/deleting a connector
  • PG-698 - FIX: "Unlist Package" button does not change on unlist
  • PG-697 - FIX: Log messages may be duplicated, particularly for errors captured in feed-specific APIs
  • PG-696 - FIX: Enable Feeds.RecordPackageDeployments By Default
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-695 - Improve npm connector indexing performance
  • PG-692 - FIX: Formatting for multiple links on feed management page is incorrect
  • PG-691 - FIX: Create Connector button should be visible even if not logged in
  • PG-685 - FIX: Connector ordering in UI is inconsistent on Linux
  • PG-686 - FIX: npm search results are incorrect in the UI
  • PG-688 - FIX: PostgresException when visiting /reference/api (postgres)
  • PG-689 - Disable browser autocomplete for most form fields
  • PG-682 - FIX: Exception when manually clearing npm package cache
  • PG-683 - FIX: Chocolatey and PowerShell connectors are created as NuGet connectors, causing incorrect icon display
  • PG-684 - Render Chocolatey release notes as markdown
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-681 - FIX: Spurious authentication errors and web UI exceptions on Linux
  • PG-680 - npm feeds now support basic authentication even if Windows Integrated Authentication is enabled
  • PG-679 - FIX: npm adduser can fail with server error (regression)
  • PG-677 - FIX: URL displayed on the package page for a Universal Feed has an extra slash
  • PG-678 - FIX: Improve error message display for "string is not a valid semantic version" error on uploading a universal package
  • PG-674 - FIX: Package details page with version omitted from URL does not load on Linux
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-676 - FIX: Docker feed overview page results in "Unknown feed type" error
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-675 - FIX: SOAP API should generate string types for parameters of YNIndicator type
  • PG-673 - FIX: Switching user directories without necessary privileges may cause the anonymous user to not be able to access the login page
  • PG-672 - FIX: Missing WWW-Authenticate header in response to upack upload and download endpoints
  • PG-671 - FIX: Assigning privileges to groups in LDAP may fail if the name property does not match the sAMAccountName property
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-670 - Regression for PG-597 - npm readme should use GitHub marked.css styling
  • PG-669 - FIX: MultiDomainActiveDirectory throws COMEXception if a domains in the forest is not accessible
  • PG-668 - FIX: LDAP directory should use "name" for group name instead of "sAMAccountName"
  • PG-665 - FIX: Cannot remove credentials associated with an existing connector
  • PG-662 - FIX: Error deleting users (postgres)
  • PG-660 - FIX: Execution logging does not always occur for scheduled tasks (postgres)
  • PG-658 - FIX: npm always requires authentication on Linux
  • PG-659 - Add yarn syntax to package installation instructions for npm feeds
  • PG-652 - Try to redirect to latest version of package when version is omitted from browse URL
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install

ProGet 4.5 - Fully Supported


  • PG-657 - FIX: Error incrementing download count for npm package (postgres)
  • PG-656 - FIX: Error creating custom security task (postgres)
  • PG-655 - FIX: Unable to view package details page for npm packages (postgres)
  • PG-654 - Improve logging for errors on npm package details page
  • PG-651 - Improve error message when uploading non-zip/upack files to a universal feed
  • PG-653 - FIX: Display errors with npm feeds and scheduled tasks (postgres)
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-645 - FIX: npm publish --tag should not automatically set the "latest" tag
  • PG-646 - FIX: Universal packages with dependencies on packages without a group cannot be added
  • PG-647 - FIX: npm dist-tag add does not work on scoped packages
  • PG-648 - Add minimum time check to feed cleanup to prevent deletion of newly-added packages
  • PG-649 - Optimize package count on root npm api url
  • PG-650 - FIX: nuget push does not work when ProGet is hosted on Linux
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-644 - FIX: npm tag command may fail with scoped packages
  • PG-643 - FIX: npm dist-tag command may fail with scoped packages
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-642 - FIX: Exception pulling Maven artifacts to ProGet
  • PG-641 - FIX: npm publish --tag flag is not always respected
  • PG-639 - FIX: Cannot set NuGet API key on Linux
  • PG-637 - FIX: Package filters should be displayed for all feed types that support them
  • PG-636 - FIX: Some gems have marshal dump error
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-635 - FIX: Feeds with escaped characters in the name are not browsable [regression]
  • PG-634 - FIX: Error using dist-tag command on npm client
  • PG-633 - Ruby Gems feed support
  • PG-616 - FIX: The "Skip this Version" button on the updates page does not redirect properly
  • PG-626 - Separate dependencies by target framework on NuGet package page
  • PG-627 - FIX: Replication URL incorrect in UI
  • PG-630 - FIX: Cannot set API key (postgres)
  • PG-631 - FIX: Incorrect API URL displayed for Chocolatey feeds
  • PG-632 - Include Prerelease packages in the feed view for NuGet feeds
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install

ProGet 4.4 - Fully Supported


  • PG-629 - FIX: Exception editing custom task (PostgreSql)
  • PG-628 - FIX: Exception trying to add custom privilege (PostgreSql)
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-625 - Reliability improvements for feed replication
  • PG-624 - FIX: Package adapters may cause 500 error when taking ownership of package stream
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-623 - BETA: See the beta upgrade notes:
  • PG-620 - FIX: Scoped npm packages are inaccessable on some configurations
  • PG-622 - FIX: Feed Replication May Report 401 with Windows Integrated Authentication
  • PG-621 - FIX: Credentials for npm connectors are sometimes not used
  • PG-619 - FIX: Possible incorrect timestamps of upack file list entries in versions API
  • PG-617 - FIX: Possible 404 when uploading a POM file to a maven snapshot feed
  • PG-618 - FIX: Improve support for Xamarin, uap framework versions for NuGet packages
  • PG-615 - FIX: Incorrect info message displayed on Manage Feed page relevant to Docker feeds, even if the feed itself is not a Docker feed
  • PG-614 - FIX: Error log page incorrectly shifts columns when the error category name is empty or null
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install

ProGet 4.3 - Fully Supported


  • PG-609 - FIX: Incorrect escaping for some characters in LDAP users and groups
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-608 - FIX: Feed cleanup task should fail immediately if there are any database exceptions during package validation
  • PG-604 - When getting metadata for a specific version of a NuGet package, only go to connectors if it is not found locally
  • PG-606 - Docker feed support
  • PG-607 - Custom package filters
  • PG-605 - Increase classifier column size for Maven feeds
  • PG-600 - Not requested in N days retention rules should take publish date into account for packages that have never been requested
  • PG-601 - FIX: When a universal package has more than one version and the latest version is deleted, an orphaned entry can remain in the database
  • PG-602 - FIX: LDAP directory should escape ( ) characters in group names
  • PG-603 - FIX: npm will sometimes error with "Can not add property dist to Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject. Property with the same name already exists on object."
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install

ProGet 4.2 - Fully Supported


  • PG-599 - FIX: Feed cleanup is not executing for feeds backed by Azure blob storage
  • PG-598 - FIX: Manage Service link should be replaced with Indexing Status link on admin page in HA mode
  • PG-597 - Add GitHub's marked-readme.css for Npm feeds
  • PG-594 - FIX: Universal feeds do not always display package ID when there is no package title
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-590 - Update Chocolately install args to use better syntax
  • PG-592 - FIX: Add privilege/restriction page should not force validation on added principals
  • PG-593 - Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure package stores
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install

ProGet 4.1 - Fully Supported


  • PG-589 - FIX: Symbol Option Not Always Available in UI on NuGet-type Feeds
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-587 - FIX: Display DropPath, API Key for PowerShell Feed Types
  • PG-586 - FIX: Multidomain Directory Provider - assume failed NETBIOS lookup is a valid FQDN
  • PG-585 - FIX: Universal Feed UI Does Not Display Alternate Title if Title is Null
  • PG-584 - FIX: JSON API considers some optional parameters to be required
  • PG-582 - FIX: Framework name search should not be case sensitive
  • PG-583 - FIX: Link under "all versions" for npm scoped package details page is wrong
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-581 - FIX: Cannot pull some scoped npm packages from
  • PG-580 - Add scheduled task to delete old execution logs
  • PG-579 - Add PowerShell feed type
  • PG-578 - FIX: Feed cleanup task should not be generating PKGMDF events when nothing has changed
  • PG-577 - Show package group and name on browse packages page
  • PG-576 - Universal package dependency list should be hyperlinked
  • PG-575 - Implement incremental feed replication
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-571 - FIX: Universal package dependencies are not displayed on package details page
  • PG-572 - ProGet feed replication
  • PG-569 - FIX: npm README file not being displayed for local npm packages (packages currently must be reuploaded for this to work)
  • PG-570 - FIX: OData NuGet searches for some packages with any target framework may not return all compatible results
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install

ProGet 4.0 - Fully Supported


  • PG-568 - FIX: NuGet OData handler should return 404 if specific package referenced by Id and Version is not found
  • PG-567 - FIX: Possible ObjectDisposedException on some pages when HTTP compression is not supposed by the client
  • PG-566 - FIX: Scoped packages removed from npm feeds during cleanup task
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-565 - Do not send since date to MyGet for feed sync when it is more than 20 days in the past
  • PG-564 - FIX: Error publishing same package to two different npm feeds
  • PG-563 - FIX: Pull NuGet package to ProGet page not using connector password
  • PG-561 - FIX: "Role" is still used in some places in UI instead of "Task"
  • PG-562 - Add dropdown menu on user icon with change password option
  • PG-559 - FIX: Cannot add permissions in free edition
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-558 - FIX: Breadcrumb is not displayed on Bower package details page
  • PG-556 - FIX: Server error when adding feed retention rule
  • PG-557 - FIX: Server error on sync status page
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-555 - FIX: Regression - edit user page does not save changes to group membership
  • PG-554 - Manage Users & Tasks admin link should navigate to tasks if not using built in user directory
  • PG-551 - FIX: contentOnly query string argument for upack download handler should not require a value
  • PG-552 - Add "latest" query string argument to upack download handler
  • PG-553 - Return 404 for missing upack icon files in icon handler
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-550 - FIX: npm package metadata requests should return 404 instead of empty package list if package was not found
  • PG-536 - FIX: Feed adapters cannot be deleted from the UI
  • PG-537 - Add advanced option to allow a user account to control the service
  • PG-538 - FIX: Error enumerating invalid LDAP names
  • PG-540 - Increase timeout for npm connector deletion
  • PG-546 - FIX: Universal feeds not rendering markdown package descriptions
  • PG-547 - FIX: npm feeds are not using custom package store
  • PG-548 - Full support for npm scoped packages
  • PG-549 - FIX: Upload NuGet package page should use feed adapters
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-541 - FIX: MyGet sync does not continuously run at the specified frequency
  • PG-542 - FIX: npm package indexer does not send credentials to connected feeds
  • PG-544 - FIX: MyGet sync may not sync all packages when multiple are added at the same time unless a manual Sync Now is run
  • PG-545 - FIX: Null reference exception caused when attempting to record package statistics
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-535 - FIX: Sync request to MyGet feed can duplicate the API key in the request header
  • PG-534 - FIX: Silent install fails without writing a log file
  • PG-533 - FIX: Invalid connector URLs added before validation or via API cause an error on the connectors page
  • PG-531 - FIX: Bad error message attempting to browse inactive feed
  • PG-532 - FIX: Clear cache button is incorrectly hidden from the UI
  • PG-530 - FIX: Package source URL on Feed Page doesn't use the Web.BaseUrl
  • PG-528 - Include Domain trusts in AD search in addition to Forest trusts
  • PG-529 - FIX: User filter does not work on event log
  • PG-526 - Expose/recommend public endpoint URLs for connectors
  • PG-525 - FIX: Edit/delete buttons are hidden too aggressively on the Manage Feed page for retention policies
  • PG-524 - Add log message for when a bulk import package can't be deleted from the drop folder after import
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-522 - FIX: Update checker notification bar not always displayed when there are new versions of ProGet
  • PG-523 - FIX: Required field validation handled incorrectly on Create User page
  • PG-521 - Log 404 errors as Debug log level instead of Warning
  • PG-520 - npm incremental package index scheduled task should support the new JSON format from the npm registry
  • PG-519 - FIX: npm overview page can incorrectly report that a package is cached from a remote connector even if it is actually locally hosted
  • PG-518 - FIX: "Latest Local Packages" dashboard can include cached connected packages
  • PG-516 - npm package version page should have a breadcrumb with a link back to feeds page
  • PG-517 - FIX: Searching for npm packages on the feed overview page results exhibits odd behavior when the enter key is pressed as opposed to clicking the search icon
  • PG-508 - ProGet Chocolatey package should remove the SqlServer dependency to avoid package validation errors
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-515 - FIX: Cannot remove users from groups without supplying the user's password
  • PG-513 - FIX: npm package download counts are cached too heavily
  • PG-514 - FIX: Pulling npm packages can cause an invalid hidden validation appearing as if nothing was pulled
  • PG-512 - FIX: Removing the default feed causes privilege validation errors to be generated in the error log
  • PG-511 - Allow PackagesRootPath to be optionally configured in .config files for load-balanced and high availability installations
  • PG-509 - FIX: Symbol server does not return the closest match for symbols of multiple ages
  • PG-507 - FIX: Packages overview page should not include cached packages in the listing
  • PG-506 - FIX: Universal package sample code displays some console arguments in the wrong format
  • PG-504 - Option to create default connector when creating a new feed should either be unchecked by default or removed
  • PG-505 - FIX: When assigning a Chocolatey connector to a feed, the UI incorrectly reports that there aren't any
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-503 - FIX: Creating a connector to results in a database error
  • PG-501 - Added Web.ODataOutputCachePeriod configuration value to optionally increase NuGet client performance
  • PG-502 - FIX: Feed Search Navigation UX Tweak
  • PG-499 - FIX: Changing directory provider causes error in UI
  • PG-500 - FIX: Possible SQL timeouts on configurations with small connection pool sizes
  • PG-498 - FIX: SOAP/JSON API may not work after upgrade
  • PG-496 - FIX: Custom validation text is not displayed on some text boxes
  • PG-497 - FIX: Incorrect URL for create group button
  • PG-495 - FIX: Invalid license key or activation displays yellow screen error message on pages where license is required instead of friendly error redirection
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-471 - When searching for principals, if a domain is specified in the search string, limit searches to that domain
  • PG-366 - Allow symbols to be removed from connector packages as well
  • PG-491 - FIX: Mis-activation redirects for unauthenticated users
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-490 - New ProGet v4 Beta UI
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-489 - New ProGet v4 UI
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install

ProGet 3.8 - Fully Supported


  • PG-467 - FIX: Add all feed-related SecuredTask validation to Maven feeds
  • PG-465 - FIX: Maven artifact snapshot version should be expanded in artifact file requests
  • PG-466 - FIX: npm feeds are not properly enforcing the Feeds_OverwritePackage task
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-464 - FIX: Maven snapshot metadata requests should return latest snapshot version
  • PG-463 - FIX: Source server URL is incorrect when ProGetBaseUrl is set
  • PG-462 - FIX: If the first feed in the navigation list is a Maven feed, the linked URL is incorrect
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-461 - FIX: Error deploying Maven snapshot artifacts
  • PG-455 - FIX: Maven deploy handler can treat package hash as package content for some pushed files
  • PG-454 - FIX: Maven API endpoints should allow HTTP HEAD method
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-453 - Follow next links by default on results from GetPackagesById odata method of NuGet v2 feeds
  • PG-452 - FIX: Regression from 3.8.2 causing Maven feeds to be inaccessible from the web UI
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-451 - Look up multidomain FQDN from NETBIOS name when necessary
  • PG-450 - FIX: Redirects away from certain pages may include part of the rendered page
  • PG-449 - Add ProGetBaseUrl configuration value
  • PG-447 - FIX: Activation race condition with load-balanced installations
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-446 - FIX: Custom error page not displayed for certain URLs of missing resources
  • PG-427 - FIX: npm feed cannot download a package from a connector feed that is another ProGet server
  • PG-445 - Allow source server URL to be overridden
  • PG-444 - FIX: npm adduser command can return a 404 with certain URLs
  • PG-441 - FIX: substringof OData function arguments should be swapped
  • PG-415 - Allow feed-specific directory override for all feed types
  • PG-443 - FIX: Error raised when deleting npm feed with Scheduled Task History
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-433 - FIX: If users are restricted from the General_ViewHomePage permission, redirect to first feed overview that they have permission to view when Integrated Authentication is enabled
  • PG-434 - FIX: Do not validate anonymous user exists in LDAP directory when adding privileges and Integrated Authentication is disabled
  • PG-436 - Add additional Integrated Authentication logging to /debug/integrated-auth page
  • PG-437 - FIX: IndexOutOfRange exception attempting to download a small subset of NuGet packages
  • PG-439 - FIX: Requests for maven-metadata.xml of invalid packages should return 404
  • PG-440 - Add SNAPSHOT feed option for Maven
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install

ProGet 3.7 - Fully Supported


  • PG-431 - Improve error logging by allowing users to specify Debug level logging for the web application
  • PG-428 - Add /debug/integrated-auth handler to show DOMAIN\User that would be parsed for authentication to debug multi-domain configurations
  • PG-429 - Allow privileges to be assigned to anonymous users when using LDAP/AD user directories provided Integrated Authentication is disabled
  • PG-430 - FIX: Show Package Store Configuration property on NuGet feed page when there are extensions loaded
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-425 - FIX: Active Directory Multiple Domain authentication fails when a UPN domain suffix does not match the actual name of the domain
  • PG-426 - Log web application errors to ProGet error log
  • PG-424 - FIX: Incorrect connector URL validation expression for Maven and Bower connectors
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-423 - FIX: Cannot add npm connector to existing feed unless it is a domain root path
  • PG-422 - FIX: SQL exception deleting npm feed with active connector
  • PG-421 - FIX: Feed types cannot be changed from NuGet to Chocolatey
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-419 - FIX: Manual proxy configuration without any local bypass URLs will bypass the proxy for all URLs
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-416 - FIX: Maven connector filters are not always applied
  • PG-417 - FIX: Feed-scoped privilege restrictions assigned to groups may not take precendence correctly depending on the privilege
  • PG-413 - FIX: Editing a connector that does not have a name results in an error
  • PG-414 - FIX: Recursive group membership is not detected for single domain/LDAP groups
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-409 - FIX: Feeds_ViewFeed task is incorrectly scoped on the NuGet package statistics page
  • PG-410 - FIX: Possible NullReferenceException in multi domain directory
  • PG-411 - FIX: Recursive group membership search does not work for multidomain directory
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-407 - Improve LDAP and AD integration
  • PG-408 - Add Maven feed type
  • PG-406 - FIX: Manage feed link and pull package link on feed overview page should redirect to login page if the anonymous user is browsing and does not have privileges to manage the feed
  • PG-360 - Allow users to specify a list of DC to query for AD
  • PG-403 - Add a separate secured task for viewing the home page
  • PG-404 - FIX: Dashboard page takes a long time to load if is inaccessible
  • PG-405 - FIX: Deactivating a feed cannot be re-enabled because of "HttpUnhandledException" error message on the edit page
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install

ProGet 3.6 - Fully Supported


  • PG-401 - Add link to view scheduled task log as plain text
  • PG-400 - FIX: Old Versions retention rule incorrectly applied when no size constraint is specified
  • PG-399 - Add option to allow overwriting packages from bulk import
  • PG-398 - FIX: Possible race condition with installer may cause CLR20r3 error on launch
  • PG-370 - FIX: License key page is not accessible if an invalid key is supplied
  • PG-394 - Add loading indicator to NuGet package details page
  • PG-395 - FIX: [all versions] link on the NuGet package overview page does not show the 5 earliest versions
  • PG-396 - FIX: Create Feed button does not always work when using Windows authentication
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-393 - Add alternative API to validate user credentials
  • PG-392 - Feed retention editor should show warning box in free edition
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-391 - Feed disk usage graphs
  • PG-390 - Unified task scheduler
  • PG-389 - Feed Retention
  • PG-388 - FIX: Users_ValidateUser API method should be marked as internal
  • PG-386 - FIX: Bower filters missing ^ and $ for generated Regex
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install

ProGet 3.5 - Fully Supported


  • PG-385 - Clarify database backup path in installer
  • PG-384 - Improved interprocess communication mechanism for realtime messages
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-383 - Better error handling for OData exceptions
  • PG-382 - Increase default value of executionTimeout in web.config
  • PG-381 - FIX: Cannot create ProGet Deploy feed
  • PG-380 - FIX: Possible HTTP 500 if there is an error reaching a connector during a $count query
  • PG-379 - FIX: Possible incorrect order of operations for certain odata queries
  • PG-378 - Expose Authors pseudo-property to OData queries
  • PG-377 - Support for DateTime literals in odata query string
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-376 - FIX: Event details link on event log page does not always open a modal
  • PG-375 - FIX: Large number of Package Modified events can be generated during cleanup
  • PG-374 - FIX: If NuGet connectors have multiple identical packages, connector order should be the tiebreaker
  • PG-373 - FIX: NuGet connector timeout box is hidden
  • PG-372 - FIX: npm Connector filter text box should be multiline
  • PG-369 - FIX: Possible error trying to create or remove a privilege
  • PG-368 - FIX: Intermittent connectivity issues between ProGet service and ProGet web application
  • PG-367 - FIX: Bower register command should return HTTP 201 on success instead of 200
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-365 - FIX: npm adduser handler returns 404 for some versions of IIS
  • PG-364 - FIX: NuGet connector cache not invalidated after deleting a connector from a feed
  • PG-363 - Log error and do not try to run cleanup task if package path is inaccessible
  • PG-362 - Expose additional NuGet/Chocolatey OData properties
  • PG-361 - FIX: Operator precedence for OData filters is incorrect
  • PG-358 - Don't try to specify encoding for source server files
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-356 - FIX: SQL connections for some stored procedure calls are sometimes leaked
  • PG-355 - FIX: Prematurely closed response stream in npm connector indexer can crash service
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-354 - FIX: Connector settings cache not always invalidated when it should be
  • PG-353 - FIX: NuGet feed connectors do not commit changes to filters after edit
  • PG-352 - FIX: Connector package details page shows package as being unlisted
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-351 - FIX: Error adding new user (3.5+ only)
  • PG-345 - Add support for unlisting NuGet packages
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-350 - FIX: Create feed link disappears if there are no feeds
  • PG-349 - FIX: Cannot edit NuGet connectors
  • PG-348 - Improve home page recent packages list
  • PG-347 - FIX: Package modified date is not getting updated when packages are overwritten in a non-legacy feed
  • PG-346 - Add cookie for storing "Show Prerelease Packages" setting on nuget feeds
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-343 - FIX: Feed disk path displayed in UI is not correct for new feeds
  • PG-342 - General site performance improvements
  • PG-341 - MyGet Feed Sync
  • PG-340 - Increase strength of password hashing for built in user directory
  • PG-339 - Add UI for event log
  • PG-338 - FIX: OData $batch requests not being processed correctly (regression)
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install

ProGet 3.4 - Fully Supported


  • PG-337 - FIX: Deleting a package may not immediately update package status in the feed
  • PG-336 - FIX: Clear package cache does not work with new NuGet feeds
  • PG-335 - Redirect /api/v2 requests to default feed
  • PG-334 - FIX: Move all /api/v2 url endpoints to /nuget
  • PG-333 - Add special error message for if user tries to connect to /feeds/ URL using the NuGet client
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-332 - FIX: Cannot delete some feeds if there are any local npm packages
  • PG-331 - FIX: Symbol server regression - incorrect paths used in indexing
  • PG-330 - Add more logging for symbol/source server errors
  • PG-329 - FIX: Domain Users pseudo group does not work when assigning privileges
  • PG-328 - FIX: Package hashing crashes when FIPS is enabled
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-327 - FIX: Browse packages pages broken in IE8
  • PG-326 - Add support for bulk import of npm packages
  • PG-325 - FIX: HTTP 500 when publishing some npm packages
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-324 - Add special handler for incorrect npm search URLs
  • PG-323 - FIX: Compatibility for npm adduser in npm 2.1
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-322 - Add error message for when service cannot communicate with database
  • PG-321 - Improve performance for browsing npm feeds
  • PG-320 - FIX: Bower search URL not always mapped to correct handler
  • PG-319 - FIX: Connector packages cannot be installed from Bower without first being pulled to ProGet
  • PG-318 - Add special 404 handler for feed roots
  • PG-317 - Improve package import error logging
  • PG-316 - Admin_ManageFeeds should be scopeable by feed
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-315 - FIX: Feed summary on dashboard page should not show inactive feeds
  • PG-314 - Restore latest published packages to dashboard page
  • PG-313 - General performance improvements for large numbers of packages
  • PG-312 - Packages_Extended view can be slow when filtered by package ID
  • PG-311 - FIX: Package download handler very slow when a feed has many packages
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-310 - Improve package SQL query performance
  • PG-309 - FIX: Bulk import drop path text box is sometimes hidden when it should be visible
  • PG-308 - FIX: Setting option for load-balanced or high-availability configuration is forbidden by a JavaScript error
  • PG-307 - FIX: Delete button should not be visible for Bower connector packages
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-306 - Added Bower feed type
  • PG-305 - FIX: Downloading packages that strip symbol/source files from packages generated by Ionic.Zip library
  • PG-304 - FIX: Some javascript files are returned gzip compressed even if gzip is not in Accepts-Encoding
  • PG-300 - Improve PDB source file matching for nuget packages
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install

ProGet 3.3 - Fully Supported


  • PG-303 - FIX: Ensure odata request absolute path is fully unescaped
  • PG-302 - FIX: Show leading zeros in package install instructions where appropriate
  • PG-301 - FIX: Editing a feed in the administration section populates incorrect values for some of the options checkboxes
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-299 - FIX: ProGet Deploy page missing handler error
  • PG-298 - FIX: Cannot pull cached package to local package from UI
  • PG-297 - FIX: Clicking on a connector package from the UI with a version that has a leading zero navigates to a blank page
  • PG-296 - FIX: nuget.exe is not able to restore some packages via ProGet with versions that have leading zeros
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-295 - FIX: Chocolatey feeds should have choco install instead of nuget install
  • PG-294 - FIX: XML metadata for an individual package should omit containing <feed> element when accessed by primary key
  • PG-293 - FIX: Credentials are not always being sent to connector feeds when required
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-292 - FIX: NuGet API for "push" command is too strict when validating privileges regarding overwriting packages
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-291 - FIX: Combination of Search() and $count on a feed with a connector filter may cause ProGet to return a 500
  • PG-290 - FIX: Feed packages downloader can error out when connector filters are used with new NuGet feed type
  • PG-289 - FIX: For some new feeds, overwrite permissions may not be applied in the correct grant/deny ordering
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-288 - Do not display default username dialog box if LDAP is in use
  • PG-287 - FIX: Basic/NTLM authentication may fail against LDAP credentials
  • PG-286 - FIX: includeSymbols query string argument for download handler should not be case-sensitive
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-284 - FIX: Package Store Configuration field should be hidden if there are no extensions loaded
  • PG-282 - Ensure app pool is stopped before upgrading web site in installer
  • PG-281 - FIX: URL for symbols should process symbol age as hexadecimal instead of decimal number
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-280 - Add configuration value to control bulk import scan frequency
  • PG-279 - FIX: Latest local packages list on dashboard should not include cached packages
  • PG-278 - FIX: Package symbols dialog is too small
  • PG-277 - FIX: Certain semantic versions with leading zeros cannot be indexed
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-276 - FIX: Administration page has strange layout if there is a licensing error
  • PG-275 - FIX: Page header alerts are not always being displayed
  • PG-274 - FIX: Incorrect $metadata element causes strange prerelease behavior with VS NuGet package manager
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-273 - NuGet package dependencies should be hyperlinks
  • PG-272 - FIX: Pull package dialog is too small
  • PG-271 - FIX: OData feed root does not always return a 401 when there is no anonymous access
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-270 - FIX: IsPrerelease OData property is sometimes incorrect
  • PG-269 - FIX: Some modal dialogs are too small
  • PG-268 - FIX: Symbol server error on new feed types
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-267 - FIX: Cannot create new NuGet feed from UI after upgrade from 3.2.1
  • PG-266 - FIX: Installation failure when certain packages have an invalid semantic version and also have symbols
  • PG-265 - FIX: Possible SQL change script incompatibility with SQL 2005
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-264 - FIX: Some npm connectors aren't indexed if more than one connector is created and the first one is deleted
  • PG-263 - Query performance improvements for large numbers of packages
  • PG-262 - Support for OData $batch requests for very long queries
  • PG-261 - Indexing performance improvements
  • PG-260 - Display notification of ProGet software updates
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install

ProGet 3.2 - Fully Supported


  • PG-259 - FIX: Connector queries using (Id=..,Version=...,...) syntax should ignore case
  • PG-258 - FIX: InstallService command in ProGet.Service should not require URL reservations
  • PG-257 - FIX: If a connector times out the first time it is used, it will be unavailable until the web application restarts
  • PG-239 - Implement GetUpdates OData method
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-256 - Add support for npm feeds
  • PG-255 - Support for load balancing configurations
  • PG-254 - Support for high availability configuration
  • PG-253 - FIX: Nuget list command does a search based on title if it is different from the ID, which can cause issues with chocolatey
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install

ProGet 3.1 - Fully Supported


  • PG-252 - Full support for the odata $select option
  • PG-251 - FIX: length() odata function returns incorrect result for the Dependencies property
  • PG-250 - FIX: Source files are not served with certain symbol packages
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-249 - Improved NuGet package indexing performance
  • PG-248 - FIX: Package indexer does not always immediately retry indexing some packages
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-247 - FindPackagesById OData method should not require a $filter argument, and the ID matching should ignore casing
  • PG-246 - Add UseFileSystemWatcher configuration option to disable file system monitoring
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-245 - FIX: Support for NuGet client v2.8.2
  • PG-242 - FIX: FindPackagesById() should order versions according to semver
  • PG-241 - FIX: Cannot delete feed download job
  • PG-223 - If configured, allow users to supply Windows domain credentials to log in the same way as built-in authentication
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-240 - Preview: npm feeds
  • PG-238 - FIX: Add package page in web application is validating the "Add Package" task at the system level instead of the feed level
  • PG-237 - Feed data should not use chunked encoding
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-236 - Disable MaxQueryResults by default
  • PG-235 - FIX: Package versions are not being aggregated across all connectors in queries
  • PG-234 - Include URL in exception when packages cannot be proxied
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-233 - FIX: Bring back change password link in user navigation menu for non-LDAP authentication
  • PG-232 - FIX: Description should now be required for projects because an empty description is now an error in the Chocolatey install client
  • PG-231 - FIX: Editing a ProGet Deploy pre/post-deployment step fails on save
  • PG-230 - FIX: Post-deployment steps for ProGet Deploy may be ignored for certain releases
  • PG-228 - FIX: ProGet Deploy support for new Chocolatey cinst.exe in addition to cinst.bat
  • PG-227 - FIX: License & Activation dialog is too small
  • PG-226 - Add Create and Delete Environment options to the Infrastructure page for ProGet Deploy
  • PG-225 - ProGet should warn on the deploy page that the URL of the request is different from the ODataBaseUrl
  • PG-221 - Search terms in ProGet should follow the syntax used by
  • PG-220 - Add configurable throttle for package indexer
  • PG-219 - Limit odata query results to MaxQueryResults config option
  • PG-218 - Performance enhancements for package queries and downloads when using LDAP authentication
  • PG-217 - Changing the feed storage path should not require a service restart
  • PG-216 - FIX: Installer always tries to backup "ProGet" database
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-214 - Add masking ability for SMTP and Proxy passwords on All Settings page
  • PG-213 - FIX: Canceling the "delete feed" modal confirmation will redirect the user to the all feeds page instead of simply closing
  • PG-212 - FIX: Deleting a package from the web UI with "delete all versions of this package" checked will result in a redirect error
  • PG-210 - FIX: Users with default View-Only permission are able to add packages to a feed through the web interface
  • PG-209 - FIX: Downloading all packages from connected feed puts the packages in the _cache path regardless if caching is enabled or not
  • PG-208 - Add support for indexed source files in native PDB files
  • PG-207 - FIX: Invalid Feed Directory will Crash ProGet
  • PG-205 - Add the optional ability to record the user and package names when a package is downloaded
  • PG-204 - Ability to use connectors to different feeds in the same installation
  • PG-203 - Ability to associate credentials with connectors in order to connect to feeds that require authentication
  • PG-202 - FIX: Failed package downloads from connectors result in a 0-byte file
  • PG-192 - Add timeout period configuration option for connectors
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install

ProGet 3.0 - Fully Supported


  • PG-201 - Basic support for FindPackagesById() OData query
  • PG-200 - FIX: Add HomePage HTML configuration value for simpler configuration
  • PG-199 - FIX: Performance improvements for home page, and feeds with 10s of thousands of packages
  • PG-198 - FIX: Latest news from gadget should handle gzip compression
  • PG-197 - Add feed option for whether symbols are included in package files
  • PG-196 - FIX: Canceling a request to download all filtered packages from a connector should not redirect to the download job page
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-195 - ProGet Deploy features
  • PG-193 - Support for .NET Framework v4.5.1 as target framework
  • PG-131 - Ability to configure HTML on ProGet home page for improved customization
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-191 - Allow users to configure LDAP privileges across multiple domains in the current forest
  • PG-190 - FIX: Viewing error log page can result in an unfriendly error message if there are no errors logged in the system
  • PG-189 - FIX: Uploading a non-NuGet package using the web interface results in an unfriendly error message
  • PG-188 - Better error message for when .nuspec file name does not match the ID of the package
  • PG-187 - FIX: Database Error for German Locale
  • PG-186 - FIX: Downloading a package from the NuGet API only works from Visual Studio if the Anonymous user has Download_Package privileges
  • PG-172 - FIX: NuGet delete command does not work with latest client
  • PG-167 - FIX: Feed with Space in Name has Issues Downloading Packages
  • PG-157 - Add ability to reset admin password from ProGet.Service.exe
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-183 - FIX: Packages that contain a .nuspec file that is missing the projectUrl element generate an error on the package details page
  • PG-182 - Add link to download a package with the symbols included
  • PG-159 - Add multiple packages option which describes how to copy directly to storage path
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install

ProGet 2.2 - Limited Support


  • PG-181 - FIX: Upgrades from a version with ProGet Deploy data fail with foreign key constraint violation
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-180 - Re-create ProGet Deploy tables (Note: upgrading to this version will reset all deploy-related settings)
  • PG-179 - FIX: Possible corruption of some pdb files with srcsrv operations
  • PG-178 - Use newer version of pdbstr.exe without mspdb60.dll dependency
  • PG-177 - Include additional symbol indexing logging when invoking pdbstr.exe
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-174 - FIX: Support for multiple activation codes even if manually visiting the activation page
  • PG-173 - FIX: Improve error message when AD cached user lookup fails
  • PG-168 - FIX: Cannot delete a feed if it has package indexing errors
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-166 - FIX: Erroneous Activation message with some load-balanced configurations
  • PG-165 - FIX: Pushing package from NuGet 2.8 does not work
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-164 - Add More Highly Experimental ProGet Deploy Features (a 3.0 Preview)
  • PG-163 - FIX: Certain packages with symbol files never show up in a feed
  • PG-162 - FIX: Related indexing errors should be removed once a package has been sucessfully indexed
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-161 - Add Highly Experimental ProGet Deploy Features (a 2.3 Preview)
  • PG-160 - FIX: Packages are sometimes indexed twice when the ProGet service starts
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-156 - FIX: Workaround for "Unable to cast object of type 'System.Func2...'" error
  • PG-155 - FIX: Installer should set app pool to classic mode
  • PG-154 - Add stack trace to OData handler exceptions
  • PG-153 - Add PackageIndexingErrors table
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-152 - FIX: Packages are not always picked up by the indexer
  • PG-151 - FIX: Do not display "not cached" on feed edit page
  • PG-150 - Add link to view package symbols on package details page
  • PG-149 - FIX: LastUpdated date does not include timezone in the odata feed
  • PG-141 - FIX: Feed URL displayed in UI does not respect ODataBaseUrl advanced setting
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-148 - FIX: NuGet restore functionality doesn't work when running .NET 4.5.1 (default with Windows 2012 R2)
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-147 - FIX: Source server returns incorrect Content-Type
  • PG-146 - FIX: Packages with assemblies directly under lib/ should match any framework version
  • PG-145 - FIX: Some feed handlers do not work when .NET 4.5.1 is installed
  • PG-144 - FIX: Admin page always has "Switch to LDAP" link even when LDAP is already enabled
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-142 - FIX: gt/lt operators do not work for version numbers
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-139 - FIX: Login to Non-Admin on New Installations
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-138 - FIX: Compatiblity with Update-Package -Reinstall in package manager console
  • PG-135 - Disable feed if license is invalid
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-136 - Add IgnoreServiceWarning Button
  • PG-134 - Add error log table to admin
  • PG-133 - Add feed downloads job page to admin
  • PG-132 - Revamp the UI Look & Feel
  • PG-130 - Improve Indexing of .pdb/symbol serving for large packages
  • PG-128 - Add support for deleting packages from the nuget client
  • PG-119 - FIX: Add support for concat() function in odata orderby query
  • PG-118 - FIX: ASP.NET temp directory location overwritten in web.config during upgrades
  • PG-80 - FIX: Delete from custom package store does not work in certain circumstances
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install

ProGet 2.1 - Limited Support


  • PG-127 - FIX: Feed adapters ignored if multiple adapters are configured for the same feed
  • PG-126 - Redirect to login page if anonymous user tries to pull or add a package and does not have permission
  • PG-125 - FIX: Compatibility with NuGet 2.7 package restore
  • PG-124 - FIX: ProGet SDK ProGetCore assembly version redirection doesn't work for assemblies post version 2.1.0
  • PG-123 - FIX: Command line example on package details page does not include the version number for previous versions
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-122 - FIX: Delete package button is displayed even if the user does not have privileges to delete a package in the current feed
  • PG-121 - FIX: Home page "Browse" should link to the first available feed instead of first feed
  • PG-120 - FIX: Connectors cannot be deleted if packages are downloaded in batch from an external feed
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-117 - FIX: Local packages can sometimes become locked after a download
  • PG-116 - Allow duplicated package metadata properties
  • PG-115 - Allow base URL in OData feed to be defined/overridden in advanced config
  • PG-114 - FIX: Feeds_OverwritePackage Privilege Required When It Shouldn't Be
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-113 - FIX: Possible exception during LDAP group enumeration
  • PG-111 - Change "Older versions" to "Other Versions" on package overview
  • PG-110 - When ShowPreReleasePackages is set, display version and link to full package url on list page
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install


  • PG-109 - Symbol Server is now included with the Free Edition
  • PG-108 - FIX: Certain .NET 4.0 packages are not visible with a target framework of .NET 4.5
  • PG-107 - FIX: Spelling error on proxy configuration page
  • PG-106 - Allow packages in a feed to be filtered based on the package's License URL (Enterprise Edition)
  • PG-102 - FIX: Opening a feed in the NuGet Package Explorer encounters and error when showing all non-prerelease packages
  • PG-94 - FIX: Feeds Overview Page main content section does not extend to contain feed boxes when there are 6 or more feeds
Downloads: Windows Installer , , , Manual Install

ProGet 2.0 - Limited Support


  • PG-103 - FIX: Navigating to the Package Details page when there are only pre-release packages shows a "cannot find package" error
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-105 - FIX: NuGet 2.5 Dependency Resolution with nil Framework Version
  • PG-104 - FIX: Using LDAP authentication for a large organization can result in a NoMatchingPrincipalException
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-101 - Add ShowPrereleasePackages option to advanced configuration
  • PG-100 - Add new IsPrerelease NuGet feed property
  • PG-99 - FIX: Feed property string values should not include type attribute
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-98 - FIX: A ProGet feed with a connector to another ProGet feed attempts to download packages from an incorrect file system path, resulting in a 500 error from IIS
  • PG-97 - Redirect to latest version on package deletion if possible
  • PG-96 - Add button to delete all packages on the delete package version dialog
  • PG-95 - Display user name in bottom for LDAP authenticated users
  • PG-93 - FIX: Package listed multiple times in feed when prerelease versions are used
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-92 - FIX: net40 not always interpreted as net40-full when searching a feed
  • PG-91 - FIX: Cannot delete a feed with a large number of packages
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-90 - FIX: IsLatestVersion sometimes inaccurate for a large number of versions of the same package in a local feed
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-89 - Ensure that unprivileged anonymous user is properly redirected to log-in page
  • PG-88 - FIX: Fix Feed Authentication for NuGet 2.5
  • PG-87 - FIX: Uncompressed symbols returned when compressed symbols are requested
  • PG-86 - Display a special error message when the user is likely trying to push a symbol package over an existing package
  • PG-85 - FIX: Prerelease versions are hiding stable versions in the nuget client
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-84 - FIX: Atom 'updated' element not parsed correctly for connector packages
  • PG-83 - FIX: Certain OData queries using inequality operators returned no results
  • PG-82 - FIX: 401 response not sent for unauthorized feed access when using integrated web server
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-81 - Support NuSpec Extension Attributes
  • PG-79 - Add Feed_OverwritePackage privilege to allow overwriting existing packages
  • PG-78 - Add Feed Discovery Endpoint
  • PG-77 - Add Option to Delay Upgrades Until Next Release
  • PG-75 - Support Manual Installation
  • PG-74 - ProGet SDK
  • PG-73 - Create API
  • PG-72 - FIX: Issue authentication challenge for non-anonymous, non-LDAP feeds
  • PG-71 - FIX: Certain packages with framework-specific dependencies not parsed correctly
  • PG-69 - FIX: OData filter operator precedence may be incorrect
  • PG-68 - Don't Display Links if User has No Privileges
  • PG-67 - FIX: Create New Package Doesn't Indicate Required Fields in Some Browsers
  • PG-63 - Add option to advanced configuration to allow HTML package descriptions
  • PG-62 - Increase Visibility of Distinction Between Cached vs Local Packages
  • PG-61 - FIX: NuGet 2.2 prerelease filtering excludes some packages
  • PG-39 - Add support for portable libraries
  • PG-35 - Support ODATA property $inlinecount=allpages for NuGet Package Explorer
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,

ProGet 1.1 - Unsupported


  • PG-70 - Minor LDAP Performance Enhancement
  • PG-59 - Installer Should Default to C:\Backups Instead of Program Files on Backup
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-66 - Add Project URL to Package Details page
  • PG-65 - FIX: Automatic license activation does not refresh license cache
  • PG-64 - FIX: Feed URL displayed on Edit Feed page does not include a port number if different than port 80
  • PG-60 - FIX: Deleting a connector if there is a background download job will cause an error
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-58 - Find LDAP principal should search SAM account name in addition to display name
  • PG-57 - Find users/groups should search user name in addition to display name
  • PG-56 - FIX: Some PDB files are not parsed correctly
  • PG-55 - Improve logging and error recovery when parsing symbol packages
  • PG-53 - FIX: Create New Package fails to read metadata with certain assemblies
  • PG-52 - FIX: Source files not served from IIS 7
  • PG-51 - FIX: Live chat should not be included in modal pages
  • PG-50 - Indicate that packages have symbols/source in the browse packages page
  • PG-45 - FIX: File Upload control does not work
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-49 - FIX: Service not running error displayed if IIS app pool does not have permission to check service status
  • PG-48 - Change "Symbol Server" Label to "Symbol/Source Server"
  • PG-47 - FIX: ProGet hosted packages filtered by "Stable Only" in Visual Studio still return pre-release package versions
  • PG-46 - FIX: Text on Create New Package
  • PG-44 - Improve not authorized error description
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-42 - Add Source Server Support
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,

ProGet 1.0 - Unsupported


  • PG-41 - Integrated Symbol Server
  • PG-40 - Package download url should not require explicit package version
  • PG-38 - Increase Visibility of Logout Button
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-37 - Package search excludes some local packages with a lower .NET framework version
  • PG-36 - FIX: OData requests with unsupported system query options should respond with error
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-32 - Increase accuracy of OData queries with local packages and connectors
  • PG-30 - Allow API Key to be name:password
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-34 - Better handling of packages with malformed framework identifiers
  • PG-33 - OData Search method should search package ID if it does not have a title
  • PG-31 - FIX: Packages only automatically cached if downloaded from package details page
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-29 - Show package source url in package install instructions
  • PG-28 - Changing PackagesRootPath in Advanced Config should not require a restart of ProGet
  • PG-27 - FIX: Packages stored outside of the PackagesRootPath in advanced settings conflict with feed path overrides when downloading packages
  • PG-26 - Display command line install instructions in addition to the Package Manager console instructions
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-25 - Display list of previous versions on Package Details page
  • PG-24 - FIX: nuget push fails when using the feed URL as a target with the integrated web server
  • PG-23 - FIX: Cannot download packages from a feed with a space in its name
  • PG-22 - Append Version Number to Script Resources to Prevent Caching
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-21 - FIX: Cannot upload package larger than 4MB
  • PG-20 - FIX: Defaulter does not always hide textbox label on postback
  • PG-19 - FIX: Push Via NuGet Command Line Utility URL does not include feed name
  • PG-18 - FIX: Error page displayed after deleting a package that is only in a local feed (and not also in a connector)
  • PG-17 - FIX: ProGet does not handle semantic versions correctly in local feeds
  • PG-12 - Delete User, Delete Group confirmation boxes should be larger
  • PG-11 - FIX: Password Mask Does not Work in Some Browsers
  • PG-10 - Display Better Error Message on Browse
  • PG-5 - Display indication that there are new versions of a local package available on a connector
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-16 - FIX: API Key should not be required if a feed does not have one specified
  • PG-15 - Allow Feed URL as target for pushing a NuGet package
  • PG-14 - Changing disk path for a feed should not require a restart
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-13 - FIX: Default Admin account inaccessible on a new install under IIS
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-9 - FIX: Workaround for HTTP-417 Errors in Installer
  • PG-8 - Allow Outbound Proxy Settings To Be Configurable
  • PG-7 - Role names should be Singular
  • PG-6 - FIX: User is removed from all groups after edit on Edit User page
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-4 - FIX: Alter UQ__Privileges to allow duplicate directory privileges
  • PG-3 - FIX: Deleting Privileges Fails Under Certain Circumstances
  • PG-2 - Clarify Activation Warning Message
  • PG-1 - Clearer Distinction for Free vs Enterprise Edition
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-0 - First Public Release
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,

ProGet 0.9 - Beta


  • PG-BETA3 - LDAP Integration
  • PG-BETA4 - Multiple Feeds
  • PG-BETA5 - Feed Downloader
  • PG-BETA6 - Misc Improvements
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,

ProGet 0.1 - Beta


  • PG-BETA2 - FIX: Installer Bug
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,


  • PG-BETA1 - First Public Beta
Downloads: Windows Installer, , ,