ProGet 5.0 has been released! New features in this version include Webhooks, the ability to browse files in a package, and support for NuGet SemVer 2.0. Download now to check it out!

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See what actual ProGet users have to say...

  • "Well the team and I love the ProGet server. We're using it for our new stuff, both NuGet and NPM, and it's working great."
  • "We needed a NuGet and npm repository since we weren't connected to the internet. ProGet fits our needs perfectly"
  • "ProGet works great! We're using it for NuGet, Visx and npm packages."
  • "Setup without issues and was about to create a NuGet feed... Other teams looking into npm and Bower feeds."
  • "We use the NuGet, PowerShell, and npm Feeds but the vast support for other types of packages is what peaked our interest in ProGet."
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Featured Case Study:

"The Abanca architecture team researched and elected to adopt a modern package-based methodology for packaging and deploying code. One of the obvious benefits of this methodology is that granting developers access to the vast community of third-party packages accelerates development. Coupled with a solid release process, this package-based methodology can lead to releasing better software, faster, and more reliably..."

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