Just a few ways BuildMaster's intuitive UI can help you automate, and facilitate, everything from continuous integration, to production deployments, and more.



Pipeline Visualization



ARA built for Collaboration



Effortless Drag-and-Drop

So what does BuildMaster actually do?

End-to-end Pipeline Visualization

Pipelines in BuildMaster cater to any development scenario, no matter how complex. Allowing multiple release pipelines, BuildMaster adapts to any necessity - from major releases months in the works, to a single line of patched code rushed to production, all while maintaining enterprise level security.

BuildMaster facilitates deeper understanding of your application suite through visual and intuitive dashboards. BuildMaster becomes the central hub of your development process, creating broader understanding and encouraging collaboration amongst the entire team.

Release Automation

Modern Application Release automation is more than just moving a set of files from one location to another; it involves multiple quality control checks, database changes, specific server configuration, even manual intervention, while also needing to support multiple ways to go from code to production.

The powerful execution engine facilitates your entire release process, going beyond deployment automations. From coordinating a release with manual and automated approvals, to integrating with your current tooling, BuildMaster quickly becomes the strongest link in your DevOps toolchain.

Real-world DevOps

Created with teamwork and collaboration in mind, BuildMaster standardizes DevOps best practices. Adapting and optimizing successful process on an organizational level while streamlining complexities and eliminating obstacles on an application by application basis.

BuildMaster grows and adapts as organizational needs arise and as applications scale beyond the desktop and to the cloud. Utilizing "Pipelines as Code", BuildMaster allows for easy release templating and flexible development methodologies.