Tight Integration

While you don't have to be a scripting guru to use any of our tools, learning how to incorporate scripts into your DevOps toolchain will enable you to automate virtually any aspect of Window. Our tight integration allows you to leverage PowerShell DSC and utilize the Inedo visual editor in collaboration with your scripts.

Store & Execute your Assets

Our tools work well together, and with PowerShell. Use ProGet to store your PowerShell scripts and modules, and then connect ProGet with BuildMaster or Otter to execute.

ProGet Storage

ProGet makes it extremely easy to store all your PowerShell assets, applying the same standards as your other important software development assets. PowerShellGet is not only a supported feed type, but with ProGet's architecture, you'll be able to access PowerShell Gallery even during heavy load times through ProGet's remote caching.

BuildMaster Execution

BuildMaster streamlines the usage of your current scripts to automate your application deployments. You can use inline PowerShell commands or upload a script to BuildMaster and invoke any PowerShell script just like you would any operation. Adding PowerShell to your DevOps toolchain and bringing automation to the next level.

Otter Execution

PowerShell has grown to be the standard for automating configuration on Windows servers and as such, Otter was specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with PowerShell and Shell scripting. Leveraging your existing scripts across dozens of servers and opening up configuration management to access assets already written by the PowerShell community. Check out our basic tutorial to see how effortless the integration is.

Community & MVP Support

It takes skill, commitment, and dedication to be recognized as a PowerShell MVP and we applaud that. For Microsoft PowerShell MVPs, we offer NFR licenses of our tools. Fill out the PowerShell MVP License Request Form today!

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