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A light game about software development.

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The game is simple: manage cooperation and competition with other players across five releases to score the most points. Each round is played the same way, but the scoring rules change. Your team needs to continuously respond to these shifts to produce the best release possible.

The Base Edition is a single deck ($9.95) of cards, and is for 2-5 players. You can combine two decks ($16.95) of the base edition for 6-10 players.

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Get the Kickstarter Edition!

Release! got it’s start with a crazy Kickstarter campaign.

This KickStarter Edition is $39.95, has two base decks, virtually all of the plug-ins & expansions, a nice scorepad, and a big box to hold it all.

These editions were printed for the Kickstarter backers, but we had a few extra made. That means that this edition is extremely limited, and once it’s gone, it’s gone forever!

The Kickstarter edition is sold out! But we are currently exploring another “big box” print, so please contact us to let us know you might be interested!