The Release! Repository

The living library of all of our cards.

Although the base game of Release! is pretty fun by itself, we designed Release! with extensibility in mind. You can add lots of variety to Release! by installing different plug-ins and expansions into the base game.

In addition to offering some pretty wild shifts to gameplay, some of these plug-ins and expansions will replace existing cards, while others will form completely new decks.

There are currently a lot of plug-ins and expansions (a lot), so we recommend playing a few base games of Release! before trying them out.

The Agility Expansion

Trick-taking games revolve around counting cards and knowing what your opponents will throw before they do. That’s cool, but sometimes you need to be more flexible than that. The Agility expansion twists your foundations by randomly adding in duplicates of half the core deck, so you can’t tell just what’s coming next and makes thinking-on-your-feet a must.

Download Agility Print & Play

The Anti-Patterns Expansion

Every now and then a silly idea comes along, and it takes hold. Next thing you know, your boss is buying into it, and you wind up having to work around that. The Anti-Patterns is like those days at your job, but you know, fun. Inspired by The Daily WTF’s top stories, this new deck introduces an element of the absurd into the game.

Download Anti-Patterns Print & Play

The Automations Expansion

The 36 cards of the Automations Expansion adds a sideboard mechanic that arms players with abilities that automatically fire as certain scenarios unfold. These automated procedures let you score points, swap cards and a lot more besides. There are also play cards, and Tools and Methods that interact with all of this preplanned mayhem.

Download Automation Print & Play

The Database Plug-in

Teamwork is what it’s all about, and with this plug-in, that’s more apparent than ever. This plug-in includes a 5-card Database deck that rewrites the book on team play; after all, you never need to be sure that your team has your back then when maintaining a giant database. This plug-in also is home to the infamous “Rollback” play card, one of the most dreaded and beloved cards we have ever printed.

Download Database Plug-in Print & Play

The Delivery Plug-in

Hate that card in your hand and wish you could deliver it right to someone else? Now you can. The Delivery Expansion has 6 new cards that center around trading cards with other players, whether it’s dropping off a bad card with your opponents, making sure your teammate has the card she needs, or just trying to cherry pick a 13.

Download Delivery Print & Play

The Deployments Expansion

This expansion is one of the big ones, adding 32 new cards, a new suit, a bidding system, and a wild amount of twists to an already swingy game. In the beginning of each round, players bid to become the Stakeholder, the head honcho for that specific release. But you better be confident that you have it in the bag; there is a lot that can go wrong, and even though you get a few pretty powerful perks, you also can lose all the points you put up, and more.

Download Deployments Print & Play

The DevOps Expansion

When we started putting this game together, the whole concept of DevOps was a central theme. We saw that communication across fields was in some ways kind of like communication across hands. We took this concept a bit further, and applied it to the scoring mechanic to celebrates teamwork, communication, and friendly competition.

Download DevOps Print & Play

The Efficiency Plug-in

How much difference can 3 new Play cards, and 3 new Tools & Methods cards make to our game? Apparently a lot. This plug-in adds to the game by letting the players subtract random cards from their opponents hands. Ruled by the cruel whims of chance, your targets may lose key pieces of their strategy, while you and everyone else get to drop off the dead weight.

Download Efficiency Print & Play

The Libraries Expansion

How’s your memory? This expansion will put it to the test. This 18-card expansion introduces a whole new side board mechanic that offers incentives for placing cards from your hand face down in a Library.

New play cards help manipulate your library or other players’ libraries so even when you are sure you know what’s what, someone can swoop in and pull the rug out from under you.

Download Libraries Print & Play

The Logging Expansion

This is a tricky one. This expansion introduces the logging play mechanic which lets players carry cards over from release to release. A smart player can cache cards they won and set themselves up for a big round, as well as keeping a careful eye on what everyone else is up to. This small, 6 card plug-in adds some big changes.

Download Logging Print & Play

The Migrations Plug-in

The Migrations deck adds a new scoring mechanic to the game. The rules are pretty simple to grasp, but the changes to game play wind up being a lot more complex than you would expect. At the end of each round, players will migrate cards to an application portfolio, the Migrations deck scores from these cards. Each round those points get bigger, but as cards leave the rounds get shorter and players have to change their strategies for the holes in the usual line up.

Download Migrations Print & Play

The Modeling Plug-in

This is another 6 card plug-in, the Modeling Deck. Each round you reveal one of these cards, the main theme of which is to pair certain rules and structures from each release. On one hand, this speeds up and simplifies play. On the other hand, these shifts do invariably change the game in big ways, which force you to rethink, and replan what constitutes a good strategy.

Download Modeling Print & Play

The Open Source Plug-in

Since this was a game built by the community, this expansion celebrates six open source projects that change the way the community builds software. Gameplay-wise, these projects are represented by a 6 new Tools & Methods cards that add a lot of in-round scoring rules. When you play with the Open Source Plug-in, how you score points matters as much as counting up the points themselves.

Download Open Source Print & Play

The Operations Expansion

The Operations Expansion features an entirely new suit of cards, aptly named Ops. Much like real-life Ops, these act as powerful trump cards. But keep in mind that you’ll often you want to throw a hand rather than take it, and thus you’ll need to play your Ops trump cards appropriately. Also, the Operations Expansion has a whole new deck of Tools & Methods cards that will interact with the Ops cards to add layers of new strategy.

Download Operations Print & Play

The Support Plug-in

Sometimes this game gets hard, sometimes you just don’t have the card you need to turn a hand your way. Don’t worry, the Support Expansion is there for you. The Support Deck has a whole new type of card which you activate when you need a boost in your play. Take that 2 of Birds and give yourself some extra points, have 6 but need a 9? Support it. Just don’t forget, everyone else has these cards too, so watch out for some player-driven twists and turns that will redefine the way you play your hand.

Download Support Print & Play

The Visibility Expansion

Drawing on one of our favorite games, pinochle, the Visibility Expansion will include an expansion deck of cards, and will allow you to score points for certain combos… so long as you reveal your hand to everyone at the table. And of course there will also be some other fun Visibility bits thrown in there as well, like power cards that give you the chance to shift the public hands around.

Download Visibility Print & Play