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Romp 2.0.0-m1

Romp Milestone 1 is available for download as a zip file. It's free!

Download Romp M1 here.

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Limitations of Romp Milestone 1

We are making this early prerelease version of Romp available now for enthusiasts and anyone looking to experiment with the bleeding edge. The tool is still a little rough around the edges, and a number of features are not implemented yet, or not implemented in their final form. Some of the limitations are:

  • No installer - you'll need to unzip romp somewhere and manually add it to the path
  • Admin only - Romp will be able to run in a low-privileges user mode eventually. For now, it requires administrator privileges.
  • No config - Romp's config file system is not currently implemented
  • local-only inspect - the inspect command currently only works on a local package file
  • unregistered install - packages installed are always added to the package registry, regardless of the --unregistered flag
  • authentication - remote feed credentials for package install are specified in the url (eg. http://user:password@server) rather than in an explicit --authentication flag
  • missing install comment - the --comment flag on package install is ignored
  • reinstallation - a package will get reinstalled by default even if it is already registered. In a future version, the --force flag will be required for this behavior
  • package list - the "packages list" command output is only minimimally formatted, and will eventually include all the same information as the upack tool's equivalent command
  • romp jobs logs [id] - when a specific job id is specified, no logs are displayed [bug]. However, "romp jobs logs" will still show the logs for the latest job
  • Missing commands - some commands are not yet implemented:
    • romp config ...
    • romp credentials import/export
    • romp publish
    • romp sources default
    • romp sources search
    • romp jobs purge
    • romp jobs import/export

Getting Started with Romp

Romp is meant to help developers package application components together with infrastructure configuration, and allow Operations to easily inspect these packages, then deploy them in a simple but controlled manner. For insight on how to use Romp, check out our Getting Started Guide. Romp is a command-line tool, which means that you'll primarily be using the command-line in this guide.

Romp Packages

A Romp Package is a special Universal Package that contains everything Romp will need to deploy an application and/or infrastructure configuration. Aside from a primary configuration script, packages can contain variables, credentials, extensions, and Otter rafts.


Romp is licensed per the Romp End-User Licensing Agreement.

Webinar: A technical preview of Romp, presented by Alex Papadimoulis