IT organizations today are asked to produce and implement changes that will deliver business needs faster, add value to end users, and overall beat their competition to market. Development processes need to be refined and documented in order to consistently deliver on these expectations.

How can new processes be established and add value to the overall business?

Release Coordination and Deployment Automation with Buildmaster

Our application release automation tool helps enterprises ensure that a defined, repeatable process increases the confidence and reliability of the software development life cycle to ensure the success of business initiatives.

Digital Stream used BuildMaster to streamline and automate 250 of their applications. By automating their deployments, they were able to save valuable hours, important business resources, and overall solved the frustration caused by their painful, manual, deployment process.

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Coordinate and Deploy with confidence

The right tool for the job with BuildMaster.

Calendar dashboards help visualize planned application deployments and             targets

Notifiers ensure users are always aware of important events, like when an             application has passed unit tests

Automated deployment approvals ensure releases only happen when they             meet specific date/time requriements