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Community Guidelines

Inedo strives to keep its communities professional, welcoming, friendly, respectful, and helpful. In much the same way Inedo’s products and services simplify software development and delivery, we aim to provide an exemplary online community experience following a simple set of rules and guidelines. It is expected that each participant, whether Inedo staff or community member, abide by the following rules across all communities:

Reporting Violations

If any community member feels like the community guidelines have been violated (for them or anyone else), send us a detailed message on the contact us form and an Inedo staff member will take action based on the severity as per the enforcement policies below.

Which communities does this affect?

The community guidelines above apply to all of the following:

What are the enforcement policies?

Violation of any of these rules in any of Inedo’s communities could result in any of the following actions at the judgment of any Inedo staff depending on the severity of the infraction:

Slack Channel Guidelines

Inedo’s Slack channel is a quick and easy way to interact with both Inedo team members and power users directly. Due to the nature of how convenient this medium of communication can be, the following rules and guidelines apply in addition to the community guidelines above: