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Repository Hooks

  • Last Modified: 2019-04-24

BuildMaster supports custom webhook events fired by GitHub and GitLab. Visit the Git extension Wiki for more information on the configuration required for each specific system.

Hook & Monitor Plans

Both Repository Monitors and Repository Hooks support common variables that can be used within the plan. The default variables include:

  • $Branch - the ref that a commit was pushed to without refs/heads/ at the beginning, e.g. master
  • $CommitHash - the ID, SHA, or hash associated with the commit, e.g. 525571720b56ca53d1d3229e774c7b7980d3ff2b

Note: these variables are only available when a custom plan is specified. If using the default setting (i.e. creating a build for the latest release), these variables are not available. This is primarily to support backwards compatibility of existing pipelines that rely on a configuration variable with the same name at a different scope.

To replicate the default no-plan behavior with these variables in context, you may reference a system-level plan defined simply as:

    Application: $ApplicationName,
    Variables: %(Branch: $Branch, CommitHash: $CommitHash)

Additional context may be available depending on the repository host. Visit the Git extension Wiki for more information.

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