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Pipeline Gates

Gates are a mix of manual and automated approvals a release package must go through before production. They ensure quality and acceptability of a release. Before entering any stage in a pipeline, a release package must pass through that stage's gate.

Manual and automatic approvals

Gates ensure that any release package that advances through the pipeline has been approved for the given stage. For example, if a package doesn't pass a set of automated unit tests, then it should not be advanced to the production stage since it is known to be a flawed package.

Deployment Windows

Deployment windows are one of the automated approval gate options. They specify the days and times that packages may be deployed to a particular stage in a pipeline. They can be used in conjunction with manual deployments to enforce existing policies, or as part of an automated delivery pipeline to ensure deployments occur within known times. Like all approval gates, a package may be forced into a stage even if it’s not within the specified window. This requires a special action and a specific permission, however.

Configuring Deployment Windows

A deployment window consists of a day of week, as well as a start and end time.


When the end time is earlier than the start time, then the window will "crossover" into the following day. For example specifying "Sundays after 11:00pm and before 2:00am" will create a three-hour window from Sunday at 11:00pm until Monday at 2:00am.

You can specify deployment windows on the edit pipeline page.


When there are multiple deployment windows specified, they are treated like an "or" condition; that is, as long as one of the deployment windows is valid, then a deployment may proceed.