BuildMaster Documentation

Resource Credentials

BuildMaster can manage, store, and control access to tokens, passwords, API keys, or any other of the secrets that are needed for automating deployments using Resource Credentials.

You can associate different credentials with different applications, and permit or restrict different users from managing or viewing the actual passwords for credentials. And of course, credentials are always encrypted before being stored.

There are several built-in types, and new types may be added with an extension:

  • Private Key - a private key with an optional username and passphrase
  • Otter - a connection to the Otter API
  • ProGet - a connection to a ProGet server
  • Username & Password - just a simple username and password, such as a Windows domain account

Example: ProGet Connection Credentials

BuildMaster allows you to download the contents of a ProGet Universal Package through using the Get Package operation. The package may been pushed from a Universal feed from ProGet to BuildMaster and for this you need to specify the username and password.

ProGet Credentials

You can then supply the feed URL, Package name, version, and target directory.

Install ProGet Package Operation

Once added to your plan, BuildMaster can execute the operation and download the contents of a ProGet Package.