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Issues and Notes

Integrating Issue tracking with BuildMaster allows you to streamline process and provides greater ease and visibility into the status of your release, showing any bugs, features, etc. associated with it. Notes provide context and clarification on why specific changes or choices have been made.


Issues provide additional assurance in the success of each release; things like issue resolution before promotion gate, ensures release success once deployed. BuildMaster comes build-it with a basic issue tracker and has a tight integration with many Issue Tracking tools.

Issue Tracking Integrations

BuildMaster has a first-class integration with a variety of Issue Trackers. Issue tracking sources are adding by installing the extension for the issue tracker and adding an Issue tracking source and corresponding resource credential in your instance.

Issues in a release

For step-by-step instructions on how to configure this, visit the tutorial on how to configure an Issue Tracking Source.

Once an issue source is added, additional built-in operation such as "Transition Issue" and "Create Issue" are available to use in your deployment plan.

Issue tracking operation

Combining your issue tracking with BuildMaster allows for increased visibility across your application development process. It provides insight into Testing, QA, Bug status, etc. and allows issues to be transitioned with automation removing unnecessary manual steps.

Issues in a release


Notes can be utilized in any way needed for organizational requirements; they are commonly used to provide transparency across each release and provide important information to all team members.

Example of Notes in Use