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Release and Package Notes

  • Last Modified: 2018-03-21

There are times when you'll want to attach additional information to a release or release package, usually to document something for later auditing purposes, or to share information with another team member.

For example, you might want to document some of the following:

  • The reason for using a different pipeline for the release instead of the usual one
  • Why a release was un-canceled
  • Special testing considerations
  • Deployment issues found in a specific package

BuildMaster facilitates this documentation through the use of release notes. Oftentimes, release notes will be helpful to model part of an existing release process.

Creating and Editing Notes

You can create or edit a release note on either the release or package overview page.

Only users with specific permission to manage release notes are able to do this.

Automatically Creating Notes

The "Create Release Note" operation allows you to add a note to the current release, or a release or package in any application via an operation in your deployment plan. You can put any text in the release note, including:

  • Corrective steps automatically executed using a try/catch statement after an error occurred during a deployment
  • The ID of an issue created using an issue tracking tool operation
  • The specific server used in a resource pool

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