BuildMaster Documentation

Getting Started

What is BuildMaster?

BuildMaster is a modern Application Release Automation tool used to create simple or complex release pipelines for any organizational need, all managed from one central dashboard.

Who uses BuildMaster?

BuildMaster provides visibility of the entire development process and is designed for use by the entire development team, including those involved with Testing, QA, and Operations, further increasing everyone's understanding of an organization's applications and releases.

BuildMaster is ideal for incremental adoption; starting with a few key users, often on a pilot application, and growing among applications, users, and the organization as a whole.

How can I get started?

BuildMaster is simple but powerful; the intuitive user interface will guide you through building and deploying simple and complex applications. The strong, seamless integrations will build on your current process while providing even more flexibility and extensibility.

1. Download and Install BuildMaster

You can get started by downloading the latest version of BuildMaster.

2. Check out the Tutorial

We’ve covered the basics of creating an application within the tool, integrating with your source control system, and creating and deploying a build with our Getting Started with BuildMaster Tutorial.