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BuildMaster SDK

The BuildMaster SDK allows you to create your own custom extensions using .NET code. There are 2 ways to get started with the BuildMaster SDK:

Creating Your Extension

Creating your own extension is as simple as running a recipe in your instance of BuildMaster. Within BuildMaster, select "Create a New Application" from the Administration overview page, then from the list of Wizard Applications, select "Custom Extension Application".

This recipe will guide you through the process of getting example source code and setting up the extension as an application that will build and install itself all from within your own instance of BuildMaster.

What is Extensible?

Creating your own custom extension allows you to implement any of the following extensible components: actions, database providers, source control providers, issue tracking providers, notifiers, triggers, predicates, promotion requirements, variable types, variable functions, and recipes.


For a complete type reference of the SDK, please visit the SDK Reference Documentation page.

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