InedoAgent Documentation

What is the Inedo Agent

  • Last Modified: 2018-06-04

The Inedo Agent is a lightweight Windows service that allows a server to be orchestrated using a connected instance of BuildMaster, Hedgehog, or Otter. Orchestration includes:

  • File system access - ability to read and write files/directories
  • Remote code execution - methods in .NET assemblies can be invoked in a remote context
  • Remote process execution - executables can be launched with output streamed back

General Architecture

The Inedo Agent follows a standard client-server architecture, although the terminology may seem a bit counterintuitive at first, because the Inedo Agent is actually operating as a server: it services multiple requests simultaneously from one or more clients.

BuildMaster and Otter products are the clients; using their service and web application, the products connect to an Inedo Agent installed on a server.

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