Otter Documentation

Getting Started

What is Otter?

Otter is modern infrastructure automation that utilizes Infrastructure as Code to help teams and enterprises with:

  • Configuration Automation - model the configuration of Servers, Roles, and Environments; monitor for Drift, schedule changes, and ensure consistency across servers
  • Orchestration Automation - spin up cloud servers, build containers, deploy packages, patch servers, or any other multi-server/service automation

Otter was created with the idea that a visual, intuitive interface is a necessary feature from the start to bring better understanding to an organization's complex and changing infrastructure.

Who uses Otter?

Otter was built to get the whole team involved and further everyone's understanding of the infrastructure they use, rather than a handful of elite specialists.

Generally, Developers and Operations personnel create automation plans and schedule Jobs, while Testers, Governance, Managers, and other IT members can see configuration, drift, and logs of what changed and when. This helps everyone understand the organization’s rapidly changing infrastructure.

How can I get Started?

Otter is powerful, but not elitist. Our intuitive web interface will guide you through modeling configurations and creating advanced automation plans. The command-line and advanced scripting features built into Otter offers power-users even more flexibility and extensibility.

1. Download and Install Otter

Get the latest version from our Downloads page.

2. Check out the Tutorial

If you haven't already, check out the Getting Started with Otter Tutorial. It will walk you through a very basic configuration and should give you an idea of what Otter can do.

3. Configure Other Servers

Otter allows for Server Configuration and monitoring across 1000's of servers, whether bare metal or virtual.