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Packages in ProGet

A package is a uniquely-indentified container that is stored in and organized by a feed. ProGet manages packages from many different types of feeds; at a minimum, all packages have a unique name, and most also have versions.

There are many benefits to hosting packages in ProGet in your organization:

  • Regulate and standardize how packages are used.
  • Cache packages from external repositories to increase productivity and reduce downtime.
  • Simplify backup and deployment by keeping important assets in one place.

With ProGet, you can easily vet your external third party packages to ensure that they meet enterprise security standards, making them available right alongside your in-house packages. Using connectors, you can transparently connect to (or cache) external repositories, and optionally filter packages.

Package Promotion

Packages can be promoted from one feed to another. This is useful for maintaining feeds with separate levels of quality (such as Development, Production, etc), and also to easily curate selected packaged from an external source to an approved repository. Check out our Promote Packages with ProGet video for a quick look at some of the ways to use Package Promotion.

Promoted Package

Deployment Records

When a package is deployed from a feed using a tool (such as BuildMaster), ProGet records information about that deployment, such as the target and the user that performed the deployment.

Deployment Records