ProGet Documentation

Getting Started with ProGet

Note: Documentation generally refers to the most stable release of ProGet.

What is ProGet

ProGet as your Universal Package Manager, is a secure and compliant central hub for your organization's development components.

Packages are the center of modern software development, and are often the first step towards increasing automation and adopting DevOps best practices.

In addition to extensible universal packages, ProGet supports many external repositories including: NuGet, npm, Bower, Maven, Ruby Gems, Docker, and more.

How can I get started?

ProGet is a powerful tool that isn't overly complicated. Its simple design is easy to use from setup to implementation, and provides consistency and compliance across the entire organization.

1. Download and Install ProGet

You can get started by downloading the latest version of ProGet.

2. Create a Feed

ProGet can contain any number of package repositories, which are called feeds. Create a feed for whatever type of package you would like to store, and you are ready to start using it as a private repository. You can also follow our step by step instructions for setting up an npm feed if you're stuck.

3. Follow Tutorials

If you would like a more guided experience, check out our ProGet tutorials.