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ProGet API Reference

As a Universal Package Manager, ProGet offers APIs for all of the different feed types. But there are also API endpoints that help you automate and ProGet itself.

Feed-specific APIs

With the exception of the Universal Feed API, the documentation for feed-specific APIs (such as NuGet, npm, etc) is generally found within that product's documentation. We attempt to implement their API as documented and -- more often than not-- as undocumented.

ProGet Management APIs

As we are with the Otter APIs and BuildMaster APIs, we will continue to add simpler endpoints to ProGet that will be easier to consume than the Native API.

  • Package Promotion - query promotions and promote packages between feeds
  • Webhook Management - in beta
  • Security Management - users, groups, directories, and permissions
  • Feed Configuration - create and configure feeds

If you have any interest in these or ideas for others, please let us know.

ProGet Native API

The ProGet Native API is a lower-level API that's designed to automate installation and management of a ProGet instance. It's not terribly intuitive, but its documented here: ProGet Native API Reference


The JSON API is the recommended method for technologies other than .NET to interface with ProGet. Refer to the documentation for more information.

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