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Before starting with the API, note that traditional NuGet actions are done via the NuGet API. Some examples of API usage that do not require the ProGet JSON API include:

  • listing all packages of a feed in JSON format (visit http://proget-server/nuget/{feedName}/Packages?$format=json for this)
  • manually downloading packages from a ProGet feed (visit http://proget-server/api/v2/package/{feedName}/{packageName}/{optional-version} for this)
  • pushing packages to a ProGet feed (either push with nuget.exe/proget.exe or simply copy the .nupkg file to the feed's storage path)
  • ODATA package queries (visit http://proget-server/nuget/{feedName}/Packages?$filter=Id%20eq%20'jQuery' for this)
  • interfacing with the integrated symbol/source server (see our knowledge base article on the subject)

Enabling the API

You must set an API key within ProGet. Simply navigate to "Administration" > "Advanced Settings". You can set the "ApiKey" value to any string with a length of 1 or greater.

Connecting to the JSON API

The JSON API is accessible at the URL: http://proget-server/api/json

Visiting the page will describe the list of methods that can be called. The arguments can be passed in one of two ways, either via a GET request with the arguments specified in the query string:


Or they may be provided via HTTP POST by supplying a JSON object representing the arguments in the request body.


To get the list of connectors, we will access the Connectors_GetConnectors method (which according to the overview, does not require any arguments) by browsing to the URL:
http://proget-server/api/json/Connectors_GetConnectors?API_Key=myApiKey .

The data returned from this test instance with a single connector and single connector filter yields the following data:

    { "Connector_Id": 1003, "Connector_Name": "NuGet official package source", "Connector_Url": "", "Feed_Id": 1, "Feed_Name": "Default"}
    { "Connector_Id": 1003, "Filter_Sequence": 1, "Allow_Indicator": "Y", "Rule_Text": "*", "Connector_Id1": 1003, "Connector_Name": "NuGet official package source", "Connector_Url": "", "Feed_Id": 1}