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High Availability in ProGet

Having access to your central repository is vital to your development process, so it is critical to make sure that it is always running. With ProGet Enterprise, you are able to ensure that you have access to your packages whenever you need them.

ProGet Enterprise is a High Availability instance that supports configuration of multiple server nodes. The multi-node structure of ProGet High Availability provides a reliable network with automatic failover. If a ProGet nodes goes down, the system will continue to be operational, decreasing downtime and preserving productivity.

ProGet High Availability provides stability even at heavy load time, keeping performance standards high and maintaining usability at the enterprise level.

You have flexibility in choosing a load balancer, as ProGet does not require session affinity. ProGet High Availability easily integrates with the existing tool chain of any size organization, enabling collaboration and communication between teams.


A ProGet High Availability instance requires five main components:

  • Load Balancer - This will direct traffic bound for the ProGet interface, evenly distributing traffic during heavy load times.
  • Web Nodes - These run the ProGet web site and API endpoints, and receive load-balancer traffic.
  • Shared Storage - A shared file system is needed for your important assets and must be available to all nodes.
  • Database - An external database (SQL Server) used by all web and indexing nodes.
  • Indexing Nodes - Performs package verification, connector indexing, package retention, and other periodic tasks.

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