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Command Overview

Romp Documentation Note - This documentation is incomplete.

As we continue working on Romp, the documentation will be updated.

Romp is a command-line tool, used to create and install romp packages. Like all CLI's, Romp is invoked by issuing commands. If you're new to command-line tools, or need a brief refresher, check out the Wikipedia page for more information.

To begin using Romp simply download and run the installer. Romp will install as a machine-level tool by default, but can also be installed and used as a user-level tool. You can also install the chocolatey Romp package by simply typing choco install romp.


Romp is invoked as follows:

romp «command»

The command is one of the following:

Creating and Publishing Packages

  • pack - Creates a Romp package from the specified directory.
  • publish - Publishes the specified package to a package source.

Installation, Inspection, and Verification

  • install - Install the specified romp package, unless it's already installed.
  • validate - Validates a package file on disk to ensure the layout and OtterScript are valid.
  • inspect - Validates the package and displays a report of the contents, required variables, and credentials.

Package Sources

  • sources list - Displays all package sources.
  • sources display - Displays all properties of the package source name.
  • sources create - Store encrypted resource credentials in Romp's database that can be used from plans.
  • sources delete - Deletes the specified source.
  • sources default - Sets the specified source as the default.
  • sources search - Displays the package names and versions matching the specified search string.

Romp Configuration

  • config list - Displays all configuration values after cascading all configuration files.
  • config export - Exports the current configuration to a configuration file.
  • config set - Sets a configuration argument in the local configuration file to the specified value.
  • config delete - Deletes a configuration value from the local configuration file to revert to the default behavior.


Auditing Local Machine History

  • package list - Displays a list of romp packages that have been recorded on the server
  • jobs list - Displays a list of recent romp job executions that have been recorded on the server, including their status
  • jobs log - Displays the execution logs for a specified job.
  • jobs purge -Purges jobs older than the specified number of days.

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