Romp Documentation

Auditing Local Machine History

Romp Documentation Note - This documentation is incomplete.

As we continue working on Romp, the documentation will be updated.

Romp is invoked as follows:

romp «command»

The «command» is one of the following:

  • packages list - tbd
  • jobs list - Displays a list of recent romp job executions that have been recorded on the server, including their status.
  • jobs logs - Displays the execution logs for a specified job.
  • jobs purge - Purges jobs older than the specified number of days.

Packages List

romp packages list

Jobs List

romp jobs list

Jobs Logs

romp jobs logs «jobId»

Jobs Purge

romp jobs purge «days»

Jobs Export

romp jobs export «fileName» [jobGuid]

Exports all jobs to a machine-readable file, or just a single job by guid.

Jobs Import

romp jobs import «fileName»

Imports all jobs from a machine-readable file.