Romp Documentation

Package Sources

Romp Documentation Note - This documentation is incomplete.

As we continue working on Romp, the documentation will be updated.

Romp is invoked as follows:

romp «command»

The «command» is one of the following:

  • sources list - Displays all package sources.
  • sources display - Displays all properties of the package source name.
  • sources create - Store encrypted resource credentials in Romp's database that can be used from plans.
  • sources delete - Deletes the specified source.
  • sources default - Sets the specified source as the default.
  • sources search - Displays the package names and versions matching the specified search string.

Sources List

romp sources list

Sources Display

romp sources display «name» [--show-hidden]

Arguments and Flags

show-hidden flag When --show-hidden is specified, the hidden values are displayed

If secureCredentials is configured, using --show-hidden will result in an error

Sources Create

romp sources create «name» «url»

The «qualifiedName» argument is the same format used by Otter.

If secureCredentials is configured, and a password or api key is used, this command must be executed interactively.

Sources Delete

romp sources delete «name»

If secureCredentials is configured, this command must be executed interactively.

Sources Default

romp sources default «name»
romp sources search «sourceName» «searchString»

This can be used to test the source.