Romp Documentation

Romp Configuration

Romp Documentation Note - This documentation is incomplete.

As we continue working on Romp, the documentation will be updated.

Romp is invoked as follows:

romp «command»

The «command» is one of the following:

  • config list - Displays all configuration values after cascading all configuration files.
  • config export - Exports the current configuration to a configuration file.
  • config set - Sets a configuration argument in the local configuration file to the specified value.

Config List

romp config list

Arguments and Flags

This command has no additional arguments or flags.

Config Export

romp config export [«file-name»] [--overwrite]

This will be a valid JSON file; see configuration parameters for the format.

Arguments and Flags

file-name positional The relative or absolute path to a file to export. The default value is romp.json in the current working directory.
overwrite flag When specified, the output file name will be overwritten if it already exists. Otherwise, an error is raised.

Config Set

romp config set «key» «value» [--machine]

See configuration parameters for a list of valid keys and values.

If the specified key is in the secure-parameters list (either in the current or inherited configuration file), this will result in an error.

Arguments and Flags

key positional The name of the key to set.
value positional The value to set.

When specifying a value other than a string, such as the rafts argument, it must be a valid JavaScript object (either JSON or Array)
machine flag When specified, the value will be set at the machine-level configuration file, instead of the local.