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How To Use The Inedo Forums

The Inedo Forums is a place for all of our software users to ask questions, get help, and contribute to our growing community. To contribute to the forums you can simply login with your MyInedo credentials. Click here if you need to create and account. Otherwise no login is needed to browse the forums. If you have used our forums in the past and notice a difference in appearance don’t worry, we have migrated of the preexisting data into this new forum.

All logged-in users will be able to contribute to the forums by posting new topics or replying to existing ones.

Forum Categories

When viewing our forums you will see a list of the most recent topics organized by categories. These categories will correspond directly to our software offerings.

Feature Requests

While we like to hear your ideas about new features, we would prefer that all feature requests should go through our formal Feature Request Process.

Search Before Posting

Before creating a new topic, please use our advanced search functionality to see if your topic has been previously addressed. This will help keep everything organized better and will help you find the answers you seek faster.

Try to use specific keywords and phrases to get the best search results (i.e. BuildMaster installer crashed). Avoid vague search terms that would return too many results like: ProGet issue. All matching search results will be returned and will include responses from Inedo Employees as well as any community feedback.

Creating a New Topic

After searching our vast history and you are unsatisfied with the search results you can add a new topic by browsing to the category that best fits your intent in the forums and by clicking New Topic. When prompted for a title make sure it contains all the keywords related to the issue that you are writing about. An example of a bad title would be: “ProGet isn’t working” instead if would be more effective to use a title like: “ProGet is giving an error when uploading a package”.

The next step is the body of your post. You should include as much detail as possible and include all of the steps needed to reproduce your issue. Screenshots and error logs can be very beneficial as well.

Tagging Your Post

Before you submit your post, please select any and all tags pertaining to your topic. This will help to ensure that your inquiry is organized properly and will be seen by the best qualified to answer.


After you have created your post you will be notified via email when there is any new activity on it.