Granting Service Control Privileges for Inedo Product's Web Applications

KB#1090: Last Updated Jan 15, 2018

Refer to this table - depending on which product you are using, enter the coinciding name, or abbreviation, into each space that has a red [product's name] or [service].

The Inedo Product You're Using [product's name] [service]
BuildMaster bmservice
ProGet ProGet.Service
Otter Otter.Service
Hedgehog Hedgehog.Service

In order to be able to restart a Windows service, you normally need to be running as a machine administrator. However, it may not be desirable or even permitted to run the [product's name] web application as an administrator account in your environment. This means that you will not be able to control the service using the web interface.

If you see a message similar to:

The [product's name] web application does not have sufficient privileges to restart the [product's name] service.

...then you will need to grant the user account which is running the web application permission to start and stop the service. The easiest way to do this is to navigate the command prompt to the service install directory (default: C:\[product's name]\Service) and run the following command:

[service].exe AllowServiceControl /User=[WebAppUserName]

Where [WebAppUserName] is the user account which the [product's name] web application is running under (the AppPool user for IIS).

Note that you must run this command as an administrator.