Upgrade Notes for Otter 1.2

KB#1124: Last Updated Feb 13, 2019

Otter 1.2 is minor release with the following changes:

  • API Keys (new feature)
  • Configuration Import/Export (new feature)
  • Infrastructure Synchronization (new feature)
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

Upgrade Impact

Because most of the changes are additive, the upgrade risks are minimal. There is a minor database schema change, and you can mitigate this risk by backing-up your Otter instance prior to upgrade.

API Key Migration

With the addition of API Keys, the existing keys and tokens were converted to use this function:

  • If you configured an ApiKey for Otter, that will be converted to an API Key with Native API access.
  • If you configured a job template with a security token, that will be automatically added as an API Key with trigger job access and truncated to 50 characters

Upgrade Process

Otter may be upgraded by simply running the latest installer. The agents do not need to be updated.


Because there are database changes, a rollback will require uninstalling Otter, and then restoring your Otter instance.