Upgrade Notes for ProGet 5.0

KB#1150: Last Updated February 12, 2019

ProGet 5.0 is a major release with the following changes:

  • New UI (new feature)
  • Webhooks (new feature)
  • NuGet feeds support SemVer 2.0
  • Targets .NET Framework 4.5.2 (configuration change)
  • New SDK

Upgrade Impact

Although this is a major release, the upgrade represents little risk for most users. Please see the Upgrade from v2 and v3 if you are upgrading from a version lower than 4.0.

New UI

ProGet v5.0 introduces a modified look & feel that should be very familiar to users of ProGet v4. The only major usability changes are:

  • Vulnerabilities & License Rules headings are combined under “Compliance”
  • “Docker feeds” are now under their own heading “Containers”
  • Administration Overview links have been reorganized


Webhooks are a new feature; see the Webhooks Documentation for more information.

NuGet SemVer 2.0

Newly created NuGet feeds will support SemVer 2.0. Visit the Legacy (Quirks) documentation to learn about migration for existing feeds.

Installation targets .NET Framework 4.5.2

ProGet v4 required NET 4.5.0, but Microsoft no longer supports that version of the framework. .NET Framework 4.5.2 (or newer) is now required to install ProGet.

SDK Changes

ProGet now serves extensions built against the Inedo SDK, so all custom extensions must be rebuilt before they can be used in ProGet v5.0. Learn more about the Inedo SDK by visiting the documentation.

Reinstall Extensions

After upgrade, you may need to reinstall extensions by first deleting the files in your extensions path, and then going to Admin > Extensions, and installing them from the Inedo Den.

Package & Feed Adapters removed

PackageStore replaced with FileSystem in SDK

Upgrade Process

ProGet may be upgraded by running the latest installer; make sure the database gets backed up (the installer will prompt for this as well). Note that during upgrade, several schema changes will be applied.


See restoring your ProGet instance for how to rollback.