Upgrade Notes for ProGet 5.1

KB#1160: Last Updated February 12, 2019

ProGet 5.1 is a minor release with the following changes:

  • Support for Docker connectors
  • Virtual packages
  • New installer
  • Shared configuration

Upgrade Impact

This is a minor release with new features and nontrivial bugfixes. Risk is minimal, but there is a higher chance of regression than with a maintenance release.

Please see the Upgrade from v2 and v3 if you are upgrading from a version lower than 4.0.

Docker Connectors

ProGet has supported Docker feeds for some time, but one (frequently requested) gap was to add connector support. Connectors to other Docker registries can now be added and managed just like any other feed type.

Virtual Packages

The Universal Package specification has been expanded to allow for virtual packages which are built on-demand from other packages.

Please see the documentation for more information about virtual packages.

Inedo Hub Installer

ProGet now supports installation using the Inedo Hub installer. This installer offers a simplified experience with improved logging, and can manage other Inedo products as well.

The traditional and manual installers continue to remain available as alternatives, but once the Inedo Hub is used to upgrade or install a ProGet instance, the traditional installer will no longer be able to upgrade it.

Shared Configuration

As of ProGet 5.1.3, instances managed by either installer use a single config file for a small number of essential values instead of duplicated app.config and web.config appSettings sections. This new config file is located in %ProgramData%\Inedo\SharedConfig\ProGet.config. The installers will automatically migrate settings to this file on upgrade.

Upgrade Process

ProGet may be upgraded by running the latest installer, so make sure the database gets backed up. Note that during upgrade, some schema changes will be applied.


See restoring your ProGet instance for how to rollback.