BuildMaster 6.1 Upgrade Notes

KB#1163: Last Updated Aug 20, 2019

Upgrade Notes

BuildMaster 6.1 is a minor version with the following changes:

  • add Git repository monitors and hooks (new feature) (details)
  • add variable value renderers (new feature) (details)
  • add CI Badge API (new feature) (details)
  • add opt-in Loupe integration (new feature) (details)
  • rename "release packages" to "builds" (major UI change) (details)
  • Legacy BuildMaster SDK change (details)

For the complete listing of issues added to this release, see the release notes on the All Versions page.

Upgrade Process

Upgrading from a v3 or v4? This document is for informational purposes only, and you should upgrade directly to v6; please see Upgrading from BuildMaster v3 and v4 first.

Upgrading from a 5.x? You should directly upgrade to the latest BuildMaster 5.8 prior to upgrading to v6.

You can upgrade from BuildMaster v5.8 to the latest BuildMaster 6.x simply by downloading and running the installer, removing 5.x extension and installing the 6.x extensions

Risk Mitigation

Although the risks vary depending on which version you're upgrading from, you should take the following precautions to prevent downtime:

  • Make sure that your BuildMaster database is backed up prior to upgrade
  • Make sure that your Encryption Key is backed up prior to upgrade
  • Make sure that the installation's \Extensions directory is backed up prior to upgrade


Because there are database changes, a rollback will require uninstalling BuildMaster, and then restoring your BuildMaster instance.

Rename "Release Packages" to "Builds"

This is effectively a UI-only change. While API arguments or properties that reference "packages" should be considered deprecated, any non-native endpoint that references them (e.g. /packages/deploy, packageId or packageNumber) will still accept and return those properties. Going forward, buildId and buildNumber should be used.

Compatibility with the Native API may break in this case, however most of the endpoints referenced "builds" originally.

For a word from Inedo's founder on the reasoning behind this change, check out his latest blog article.

New Features

BuildMaster 6.1 includes several new CI/CD features, including:

Repository Monitors & Hooks

Support for monitoring Git repository changes at custom intervals and custom plans to execute once they are detected, offerring far more than was possible in existing legacy build triggers. Additionally, support has been added to accept incoming webhook events from GitHub and GitLab. See the documentation for more information and examples, and also the Git extension wiki for hook configuration of a specific host.

Custom Variable Value Rendering

Support for rendering a release or build configuration variable with custom HTML. See the documentation for more information and examples.

CI Badges

Support for generating CI badges and links using the CI Badge API. See the API documentation for more information and examples.

Customer Experience & Improvement Program

Inedo has partnered with Gibraltar Software in order to integrate Loupe with our products as part of our customer success initiative. This program is known as the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP), and this opt-in program offers several benefits to both Inedo and our customers.

This feature is disabled by default in all existing and new installations. Visit the documentation to learn how to opt-in, and more about what kind of data is collected and how Inedo uses it.

Legacy BuildMaster SDK

There is 1 possible breaking change between v6.0 and v6.1 of the BuildMaster SDK: ExecutionsFailedEvent was renamed to ExecutionFailedEvent. In the unlikely event that this event code was consumed by an extension, it must be updated to drop the "s", and reference the newly added ExecutionId event detail.

Note: the Inedo SDK (available since v6.0) is not affected, and extensions built against it do not require updates. However, the Inedo.SDK v1.1 version is available from NuGet going forward.

Database Changes

Since v6.0, there are minor database schema changes, and therefore if a rollback to pre-6.1 were required, the SQL database must be restored from a backup.