Upgrade Notes for Otter 2.2

KB#1165: Last Updated April 17, 2019

Upgrade Notes

Otter 2.2 is minor release with the following changes:

  • major performance improvements (details)
  • add opt-in Loupe integration (new feature) (details)

For the complete listing of issues added to this release, see the release notes on the All Versions page.

New Features

Major Performance Improvements

We’ve removed many performance bottlenecks including SQL database access, plan editor initialization, Git raft optimization, and more. Otter will perform better in general and have a better capacity to scale.

Customer Experience & Improvement Program

Inedo has partnered with Gibraltar Software in order to integrate Loupe with our products as part of our customer success initiative. This program is known as the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP), and this opt-in program offers several benefits to both Inedo and our customers.

This feature is disabled by default in all existing and new installations. Visit the documentation to learn how to opt-in, and more about what kind of data is collected and how Inedo uses it.

Database Changes

Since v2.1, there are minor database schema changes, and therefore if a rollback to pre-2.2 is required, the SQL database must be restored from a backup.