Upgrade Notes for ProGet 5.2

KB#1166: Last Updated April 24, 2019

ProGet 5.2 is a minor release with the following changes:

  • add PyPI, Debian, and Helm feed types (new feature) (details)
  • add APIs for Feed Management and Connector Health (new feature) (details)
  • add one-way replication and replication dashboard (new feature) (details)
  • support for Azure SQL databases (new feature) (details)
  • support for SQL Server on Linux (new feature) (details)
  • add opt-in Loupe integration (new feature) (details)
  • license non-compliance notifications (UI change) (details)
  • Bower feeds are now deprecated (details)
  • Postgres database support is deprecated (details)
  • Legacy NuGet/MyGet feed sync removed (details)
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements (release notes)

Upgrade Impact

This is a minor release with new features and nontrivial bugfixes. Risk is minimal, but there is a higher chance of regression than with a maintenance release.

Please see the Upgrade Notes for v4 if you are upgrading from a version lower than v5.0.

New Features

New Feed Types

ProGet v5.2 introduces 3 new feed types: PyPI, Helm, and Debian. For more information about the features and limitations of each, refer to the specific feed type’s documentation:

New APIs

ProGet v5.2 introduces 2 new APIs: Feed Management and Connector Health. For more information, visit the documentation for each:

Feed Replication Enhancements

Replication now supports a one-way, or “read-only” configuration. Refer to the Feed Replication documentation for more information on terminology and behavioral changes, use-cases, and configuration details. Additionally, logging has been improved (in conjunction with CEIP), but also more accessible via the new Feed Replication dashboard.

Azure SQL Server

As of ProGet v5.2, Azure SQL Server databases are supported for use as ProGet’s database. The only caveat is that the installer will not automatically create the database for you.

SQL Server for Linux

As of ProGet v5.2, SQL Server for Linux is supported, and the new recommended way to install ProGet on Linux as per the Linux Installation Guide.

Customer Experience & Improvement Program

Inedo has partnered with Gibraltar Software in order to integrate Loupe with our products as part of our customer success initiative. This program is known as the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP), and this opt-in program offers several benefits to both Inedo and our customers.

This feature is disabled by default in all existing and new installations. Visit the documentation to learn how to opt-in, and more about what kind of data is collected and how Inedo uses it.

Licensing Clarifications

While the free edition of ProGet has always had restrictions related to connectors to non-public installations, there has never been any indication of this in the software itself. Going forward, any license violations related to the following events will generate a message in the notification bar to warn administrators:

  • For ProGet Free, outgoing connector requests to any non-public feed
  • For any edition, incoming connector requests from ProGet Free

For more information, refer to the Licensing documentation.

Deprecation Notices


As of ProGet v5.2, Postgres support for ProGet Docker installations is deprecated, and will no longer be supported by v6.0 (due out in 2020). Before Postgres is removed, there will be a documented migration plan to SQL Server for Linux.

Bower feeds

Additionally, Bower feeds are now deprecated in favor of npm, as Bower itself has been deprecated. Bower feed types will likely be removed in the next minor version v5.3.

MyGet Feed Sync

While MyGet feed sync was deprecated long ago (and removed from the UI in v5.0), it has fully been removed from v5.2. It is replaced by feed replication.

Upgrade Process

On Windows, ProGet may be upgraded by running the latest installer (traditional or Inedo Hub interchangibly), so make sure the database gets backed up. Note that during upgrade, some schema changes will be applied.

Linux (i.e. Docker) installations may be upgraded by pulling the latest inedo/proget image and restarting the container, as per the Linux Installation Guide.


See restoring your ProGet instance for how to rollback.