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If we buy an enterprise license for say, $2980 "yearly", I understand that all upgrades (unlimited servers, etc.) are included, and we get enterprise support, version updates, etc. However, what happens after we stop paying for BuildMaster? Do we just lose the support and version updates? If, after a year, we decide we aren't going to pay for it anymore, can we keep running BuildMaster Enterprise with the same functionality we've had, but we just don't get support and version updates, or does the BuildMaster instance transform back into a "free edition" again?

BuildMaster Enterprise is licensing on annual or perpetual/lifetime basis.

If you purchase an annual license, then you'll receive a key that will active the software for a year, and we will provide maintenance/support during that period. To continue after the first year, you'd have to purchase another license.

If you purchase a perpetual license, then you'll receive a non-expiring key and a year of maintenance/support. You can renew support/maintenance after that, but the software will work regardless.

Hope that helps.

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