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I have created an SVN repository monitor, but I can't tell that it is doing anything. I want this monitor to trigger a build/deployment for a release in the application to which I associated the monitor, so when I created the monitor I entered the name of the desired plan and selected the application. Where would I see the results of the execution?

I see this in the Service Log, so it appears monitor is triggering.

Running Repository Monitor...
Fetching repository monitors and last recorded states...
Found 1 active repository monitors.
Repository Monitor completed.

When viewing the Monitor on screen, in the "States" column it says "no branches recorded".

I'm using a Resource Credential. Is it possible it isn't configured correctly, and is there a way to tell?

This is what I see in the RepositoryMonitors table

RepositoryMonitor_Id = 1
RepositoryMonitor_Name = sq_test
Application_Id = 1175
ApplicationGroup_Id = NULL
RepositoryMonitor_Configuration (shown below)
CronExpression_Text = 0 0/1 * * * ?
Active_Indicator = Y
ExecuteOn_Server_Id = NULL
Plan_Name = sq_dummy2
BranchFilter_Text = integration

<Inedo.Extensions.Subversion.RepositoryMonitors.SvnRepositoryMonitor Assembly="Subversion">
<Properties CredentialName="sq_test" />


Product: BuildMaster
Version: 6.1.5

Hi David,

From looking at the code that error/message is occurring because it is not finding any pertinent repository monitor records in the [RepositoryMonitorStates] It is looking for any records with branches named default or master... This is leading me to believe that there is a configuration issue that doesn't generate an exception when monitoring or no changes were found. Additional logging might be something worth looking into. Without any additional information it would be hard to determine on our end.


What other information can I provide? Right now the feature is not functional.

Side note - the "Plan" option when configuring a monitor only shows global plans, no application scoped plans.


Hi David,

You can view the results of a monitor that triggers a plan in the Admin > Executions page, filtering by "Build Trigger".

You can also add some hack debugging to the plan that logs the built-in monitor variables to a file so you can see if it's triggering.

If it's still not triggering, try configuring the monitor to a public instance of something on GitHub like to see if that works since GitHub supports the SVN protocols as well.

Hope this helps,

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